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Make no mistake about it, small stakes poker is not just for the newbies or weak poker players, this is where the sharks literally have a feeding frenzy every day. If you know what to look for and how to play your game, you could see your online poker bankroll take a huge turn for the positive in short order.

Here are 5 ways to explode your winnings at the small stakes online poker tables.

1. Online Poker – Knowing When to Push the Action

There will be days where you can't make a mistake and even your draws catch on the river. When you are being dealt 4 7 off suit and you flop a full-house, it's time to make the rest of the table pay. Slow-play your hands, make those chasers pay full price, and keep your foot on the gas as long as you can until your luck turns.

2. Recognizing It's Time to Quit

By the same token, there are going to be days you are dealt pocket aces and the entire table folds or a maniac calls you to the river with junk and catches a lucky set to bust you out. When you are getting your monster hands cracked by junk and bad beats are mounting, it's time to call it quits for the day. Leave the game, there will be plenty of fish to find tomorrow, and you wind up coming back with a clearer head.

3. Making the Fish Pay Premiums

The one thing about fish is they are so predictable in their play. If they have face cards, they think they can play to the river and pair up to win like on TV. These players are also known as calling-stations, and the best kind to be involved with when you have a monster hand. The best way to crush the fish is take them to the river as cheaply as possible, giving them a chance to improve. Once you get to the turn, push all your chips in to make them pay to see that last card.

4. Focus on the Bigger Picture

Stop checking your bankroll balance each hour to see if you’re up. Check at the end of the day, so you take emotion out of your game play. This is not a sprint, you are now in a marathon to build that bankroll.

5. Identifying Bad Playing Situations

Before placing a bet, look at the other players at the table. If you are the low stack, get out. If the table maximum is what you have, and all the rest of the table has triple the buy-in, they are going to pick you off. Find a table where you have position and chip power over the others.

Keep in mind this isn't a get-rich quick strategy, this is for the poker players looking to build their money over time. Stick to the plan and you will have no shortage of fish to crush on your way to more winnings than you could imagine.

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