The Largest Canadian Casinos

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Aside from its healthy selection of online casinos, Canada is home to about one hundred brick-and-mortar casinos. That said, most of these Canadian casinos can technically be called “charity” casinos. Charity casinos, unlike for-profit casinos, disburse their revenue to governmental and non-profit organizations. They're also not styled like for-profit casinos. Most of them are smaller than for-profit casinos, and they have a more relaxed atmosphere. The average consumer is more likely to find a bingo game than a wide selection of games and machines. Sometimes people want a more varied casino experience.

Play Monopoly Casino at the Top Canadian Casinos

Canada's largest casino is the Casino de Montreal. It was established in 1993 on a sprawling group of older grounds. This casino has more than 3,000 video poker games and slot machines, and that's not even touching on the one hundred table games or the eighteen-table poker room. The casino's attractions are spread over five jam-packed floors. The Casino de Montreal regularly receives high customer service ratings and has a friendly, exciting atmosphere. Some of the more popular slots and casinos games are Monopoly casino games and many of them can be found at these casinos.

The next largest of the Canadian Casinos is the Niagara Fallsview Casino. It's the largest brick-and-mortar casino found in the province of Ontario. This casino was established in the mid-2000s, breaking up the previously held casino gaming monopoly in the Niagara Falls area. There are almost three thousand playable slot machines, more than 200,000 square feet of space, a poker room, a large sportsbook area, and forty table games.

Additional Canadian Casinos with Licenced Monopoly Casino Games

Meanwhile, for consumers located in Toronto, there's Casino Rama. It's located just to the north of Toronto, and while it isn't the city's largest casino, it does have a vaster amount of entertainment options and game selections. Casino Rama is the only for-profit casino in the province of Ontario. The casino boasts 192,000 square feet of space and has 2,500 video poker games and slot machines. Furthermore, there are 110 table games. The in-house entertainment includes ten restaurants as well as a performance center that hosts both MMA fights and musical acts.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission Slots, or OLG Slots, is the largest casino in the city of Toronto. OLG Slots is a game room situated on a racetrack. Originally conceptualized as a racetrack betting parlor, the casino was established in 1956. Horse betting is still done through the Woodbine. Meanwhile, there are 2,500 slot machines for people who want a casino gaming experience. Forty electronic table games are also included, which makes it the largest provider of electronic table games in Canada.

Another notable casino is the Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino, which is distinctive from the rest because it's the only Vegas-owned brick-and-mortar casino in the entire country. The casino brings a United States flavor of gambling to Canada. It's 23 floors high, and the casino has 2,300 video poker and slot machines. There's also a fourteen table poker room, 100 table games, and an even more comprehensive sportsbook than that hosted at the Niagara Fallsview Casino.

Some Canadian casinos double with other entertainment industries, such as bowling. These are good destinations for parents wanting to have a family-friendly environment for their children while they enjoy a casino.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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