Lucky Players Who Hit UK Casino Online Jackpots

Recent headlines announce how a couple in Illinois hit the $656 Mega Millions lottery jackpot and how a woman in Florida was the sole winner of a $590 million Powerball lottery jackpot. Where is all the press about recent UK casino online jackpot winners? Is anyone really winning those massive online jackpots the casinos rave about?

Today we are going to reveal some of Britain's luckiest and biggest online jackpot winners so you'll see why the casino websites are becoming all the rage.

The World Record UK Casino Online Jackpots Winner

If you need any inspiration to try and win an online jackpot, take notes on Jon Heywood. Residing in England and fresh off his tour of Afghanistan, this veteran soldier blew away the previous record for biggest online jackpot won when he scored an incredible and record-breaking 13 million pounds. Betting just a mere 25 pence, Jon made the headlines in all the local Cheshire papers. Betting just 25 pence on the popular Mega Moolah game, the reels lined up perfectly to release the incredible jackpot.

Common Misconceptions Busted

Most people think that in order to win a UK Casino huge online jackpot you have to wager a small fortune. That common misconception is being busted weekly by regular folks betting mere pocket change and becoming online millionaires overnight. A player from Aberdeen deposited 30 pounds in his online casino account, and after betting only four pounds, hit a 6 million pound jackpot, hours after his very first deposit.

The Benefits of the UK Casino Online Format

Drive over to the local land-based casino and try to find an open seat at the progressive slot machines. By the time a seat opens, chances are the jackpot was triggered and you're going home broke again. With online gambling, Britain residents can select from a number of online casinos and choose from a variety of jackpots with zero waiting. These casinos are getting a solid reputation for paying the big jackpot wins, and you might be a spin away from being able to retire in style with more money than you ever thought you would have.

Long Sutton in the House

Jackpots are being won these days online by just about everyone, and John Orchard is a testament to that. John is 60 years of age and worked in Long Sutton, but today he is living the life so many dream of. John wagered a tiny 30 pence while playing the Dark Knight video slot machine, and to his surprise, triggered the jackpot that day of nearly 6 million pounds. This lucky grandfather of three happy kids decided he would quit his job and go on a very long and overdue vacation with his wife, after buying his daughter a new house and spoiling himself with a new Jaguar.

The numbers don't lie, all you need is a few pounds and the hopes of choosing the right game at the right online casino, and you too could join the growing list of Britain's luckiest and biggest online jackpot winners.

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