The Most Common Online Casino Bonuses

Many of the top online casinos offer bonuses as a way to reach out to new players. Each casino has its own unique offerings, but the most popular bonuses can typically be boiled down to a few categories. Looking for the best value on real money bets is an important part of deciding where to play. However, not all bonuses are created equal and can hide some sketchy hidden terms. Listed are some of the prominent casino bonuses and how to stay proactive regarding what these offers really entail.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus offered at online casinos is one of the most prominent promotions that players will come across. This bonus is designed to draw in new players with a tempting deposit match or free spins, and sometimes both. Players want to get the most value for their money, so the welcome bonus looks like a great perk of becoming a new member at a gaming site. However, many casinos attach terms and conditions to these bonuses, some of which have nearly impossible wagering requirements. Any player who truly wants to take advantage of a welcome bonus should understand the exact requirement for withdrawing the funds.

Regular Casino Bonuses

Since it’s only possible to be a “new player” one time at each online casino, there are typically promotions in place that appeal to all current members. The promotions take place each week and usually do not stray from a set group of bonuses. Obviously, the weekly promotion system works the best for players who plan on sticking with one or two online casinos. Knowing the specifics of each bonus requires signing up for a weekly newsletter or doing research on the terms. While free spins and deposit matches sound hard to beat, they may have the same type of wagering requirements as a welcome bonus.

Online Casinos VIP and Loyalty Bonus

A loyalty program or VIP program is specially designed for regular casino players. Though they may use different terminology, each program relies on comp points or VIP points that the player earns. This scheme is great for high rollers and players who stick with a single online casino. However, some gaming sites offer a loyalty program network linked to one central player account. Most online casinos stay transparent about what rewards the player receives at the different loyalty tiers. Different games reward different amounts of points, so the player must understand the return on real money bets based on the style of game.

Stay Informed

Just like its other practices, the bonus scheme of an online casino must be monitored and regulated to guarantee fair play standards. The bonuses at some game sites have proven to be misleading and the UK Gambling Commission has already cracked down on a few providers. Players should take the same prudent approach to every online casino and check for licenses before playing. The most helpful casino reviews can assist in making an informed decision about bonuses and other content. All bonuses are crafted to look great, but the fine print is what really matters for long-lasting value.

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