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At the current time 888 Holdings have managed to hold their ground within Germany. If the ban is upheld there is a chance 888 Holdings will not remain in the German market. The company is based out of Gibraltar. Due to the decision to uphold the online casino gaming services ban they have filed a constitutional complaint.

The situation began when an online casino and betting services ban was placed in Baden-Württemberg. This lit a fire beneath 888 Holdings. They originally threatened the company would leave the market. This decision was changed and they are now fighting through the current regulatory landscape.

888 Holdings has issued a press release. They have reported filing a constitutional complaint in an attempt to reverse the current ban. This report was filed with the German Federal Constitutional Court. The reason 888 Holdings chose to file was because of the advice from their legal counsel that this would be in the best interests of the company.

The complaint stated that the German Federal Administrative Court ruling was an infringement on the constitutional rights of 888 Holdings. They claimed this was additionally covered under the rights of the European Union law. This law allegedly provides 888 Holdings with the right to provide services. The company believes the ban must be reversed to preserve their rights.

The Chairman for 888 Holdings is Brian Mattingley. He stated during the last few months numerous providers have left the online gaming market in Germany. He also mentioned roughly nine percent of the deposits that were recently being facilitated by the payment institutions are now in jeopardy. The group in Germany have now made the decision to stop providing specific services in regards to the online gambling market in Germany.

There is a possibility 888 Holdings may make the same decision as the other companies and withdraw from the German market if the ban is not reversed. 888 Holdings stated the ban is already causing a taxation struggle. The operations are being threatened by tighter regulations. The 2017 tax liability was cut almost fifty percent in the core earnings. This statement was made in regards to the recent regulation changes concerning gaming taxes.

888 Holdings is one of the most popular solutions and entertainment providers in the world. They are additionally a Public Limited Company. The 888 brand is highly trusted throughout the world. The company has been at the head of the gaming industry online since they first began in 1997.

888 Holdings provides both B2B partners and customers with innovative gaming products for online usage and they are a leader in the market. They provide players with the ability to enjoy their favorite games in multiple languages in a secure and safe environment.

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