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As an increasingly popular form of gaming, general online gaming has taken the internet by storm. Not only has online gaming become popular in the United States, but it has also seen to be increasing in several other countries. One of these online gaming communities lies within the borders of the country of Germany.

According to sources, the state of Baden-Württemberg located in Germany has placed a ban on all online gaming services. Not only does this relate to online games that are accessible to people of all ages, but also stretches to the online casino gaming world. This creates a complication for service providers everywhere. 888 Holdings, a company that is heavily involved in the online gaming community, has been at the center of this issue.

The online gaming regulations in Baden-Württemberg has caused 888 Holdings, as well as other companies, to consider leaving the online gaming market in the area. After this alternate idea was dismissed, 888 Holdings decided to challenge the ban of online gaming services. 888 Holdings has reported that the company has filed a complaint with the German Federal Constitutional Court.

Through the company's official statement, the company is attempting to encourage a reversal of the ban with this complaint. The complaint was only filed after the organization's legal team suggested to move forward with the complaint. According to the official complaint, the ruling of the German Federal Administrative Court infringes on the constitutional rights, as well as its rights to express the freedom to provide services, and should be reversed to undo this infringement.

According to the business's Chairman, many businesses have backed out of the current market due to these conditions. This temporary ban on online gaming sites can potentially have a heavy effect on the overall online gaming community presence in Germany. Other companies have proceeded to leave the German market due to this online gaming ban.

The online community is already struggling with heavy taxation, which has pushed companies further to leave the market. Stricter tax regulations and liabilities nearly halved the earnings seen in the 2017 fiscal year. With core earnings seeing a dramatic decrease, more and more companies are beginning to fear the decline of business in this part of the country. This has caused a drastic change in the tone of online gaming throughout Germany.

Unless there is a significant change in the taxation and regulation bans and regulations that are set in place, there is a greater chance that the online gaming market will be withdrawn from areas across Germany. These restrictions are forcing larger companies to consider the different legal options in order to move in the best direction for the companies at stake. As the online gaming community continues to expand on a global level, this case may cause a butterfly effect on an international level.

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