A Classic Roulette Strategy Debate: Did Agent 007 Get It Right?

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In casinos right now across the UK, the world, and online, Roulette players vie to develop the best strategies for winning a fortune in their favorite game. While intense debate surrounds the selection of successful approaches for achieving this goal, most experts do agree on one point: novice players should embrace some helpful rules to optimize their chances. Use these helpful tips to help enjoy your time at the online casino UK Roulette table this year.

Four Key Points

Although experts disagree about the best gaming strategies (Martingale, anti-Martingale, Grand Martingale, and 007), they do usually agree on a few key guidelines:

Tip #1: Don't Exceed Your Limits

Heading to the Roulette table and forgetting to discipline your play remains a sure way to go home a loser. To avoid this outcome remember some key statistics. In general, casino Roulette wheels only spin about 40 times per hour, while the online casino data for UK players is more hazy. Consequently, you can prepare a realistic play schedule by allocating 40 spins per hour for the time you plan to spend at the table. If you have an available $200 bankroll and you'd like to play for half an hour, you need to divide your $200 by half the hourly spin rate, i.e. $200 divided by 20. Plan on spending no more than $10 per spin of the wheel.

Tip #2: Keep Your Bankroll And Your Winnings Separate

To ensure you take home winnings, never intermingle your gaming budget with your winnings. Once the wheel spins and you pocket money, put your windfall in a separate location from your gambling bankroll. By not dipping into this purse, you'll reap the benefits of your good luck!

Tip #3: Embrace European Roulette Wheels

You'll obtain slightly better odds playing at tables using European Roulette wheels because this equipment maintains a single green zero slot, versus the American Roulette wheel which adds a second double zero green slot. This seemingly minor difference matters. You have slightly better odds using the wheel with fewer slots.

Tip #4: Play Better Odds

Roulette allows gambling on specific numbers or “outside” factors such as red versus black, high number versus low number, or odd number versus even. Novice players tend to win more money focusing on the outside bets.

A Controversy

Experts disagree about Roulette strategies. Several popular approaches include:


Whenever you lose an outside bet, replay it again and double the money at risk.


Reverse the Martingale approach by doubling bets after wins (not losses) to take advantage of winning streaks.

Grand Martingale

Use the Martingale strategy, but also add an additional minimum bet after every loss.

Agent 007 James Bond

Divide your outside bets by placing 70% of your money on outside bets, 5% on the green zero, and 25% on the six numbers in the 13-18 box.

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