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When visiting any of the online casinos of the modern era, players are bound to find online slots as the majority of the overall game selection. The sheer number of slots that can be played is a benefit to players in search of variety. However, this same number can create difficulties for the newer player who has no idea where to start. Today, some of the most played online slots from Microgaming will have a moment in the spotlight.

Each following game’s numerical ranking is not an indication of where it stands in terms of player volume. The list is only intended to be a glimpse at some of the most popular Microgaming online slots for new players.

#1 – Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is an incredibly popular Microgaming online slot. The standard features of the game are not particularly amazing, and it only has an RTP of 88.1%. These flaws might lead players to wonder what the big deal is about this game. The main reason that Mega Moolah has gained such a large following is because of its progressive jackpot. This progressive slot constantly grows in value as players from the network of Microgaming online casinos use it.

While the normal top win amount is only 125 coins, the actual progressive jackpot featured in the game regularly sits at over £1,000,000. In fact, Mega Moolah has already created a new millionaire for the year of 2018. Simple gameplay and the potential for winning a lot of money make this progressive slot a big hit.

#2 – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones premiered on television in April of 2011. Since then, the show has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon and has possibly the largest following of viewers in TV’s history. It was only natural for Microgaming to take advantage of the hype surrounding the series and create an online slot based on its content. This game actually comes in two different versions. One format of the online slot has 15 paylines and the other contains 243 payways that are always active.

The theme of the game is a major draw and it has the most relevant special features, such as wilds and scatters. Game of Thrones also comes with its own unique bonus games. However, players have returned to this game over and over because of its low variance and 95% payout percentage.

#3 – The Dark Knight

Crossovers between movies and casino games has been an ongoing trend for quite some time, but no game displays the blend quite like The Dark Knight online slot. This game is one of the most popular Microgaming titles because it features highly advanced 3D graphics in its gameplay. In addition, the slot’s 243 ways make the potential for winning more cash significantly better than some older games.

The Dark Knight slot posts an average RTP of 97%, making it a hit among savvy players who are concerned about generating returns on real money that is wagered. This game’s popularity is boosted by its alternative format that comes with a progressive jackpot. The movie was a blockbuster hit in theaters, and Microgaming released the popular online slot at just the right time.

#4 – King Cashalot

King Cashalot is another Microgaming online slot that has earned its fame from providing players with a progressive jackpot. Although it has five reels and nine paylines, the game has a feel that is closer to a classic slot machine. There are a few special features that accompany the gameplay, but the obvious reason for the progressive slot’s popularity is the chance to win a lot of money.

Of course, the progressive jackpot in King Cashalot is the only reason players are willing to overlook the lousy RTP. The average return that players will see on real money bets is just over 90% of what is wagered. However, the chance at receiving a life-changing win makes King Cashalot a consistently popular game at Microgaming casinos that is bound to stay at the top of ranked lists.

#5 – Hot Ink

Hot Ink is a prime example of what is possible through an online slot, and its widespread popularity comes as no surprise. The game is one of few to offer players 1,024 different payways and its advanced 5-reel layout generates a lot of versatility in how payouts can be earned. This online slot also has a “respin” feature that allows the player to select a single reel and spin it again for additional credits. Free spins are part of the bonuses and apply an automatic multiplier to winnings.

The game deserves to be on the list because it has one of the best RTP averages in the entire Microgaming library. Hot Ink typically has a payout percentage of 97.5%, which is combined with a medium variance. These factors make the game a must-try title for any type of player, as its reputation speaks for itself.

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