Baccarat: The Casino’s Costly Game Of Choice

It's a false belief that poker still reigns king in the casino world. One of the real favorites in the casino today is baccarat. Baccarat is a globally loved game that involves cards and choices between the dealer and the player. The cards have values based on points. Baccarat began in the casinos of Italy and France and was not originally a popular choice for UK casinos or American players. Specifically, Americans have loved poker for years and their preferences have held true. Lately, baccarat has crept up in popularity in Asia as well as the United States. Baccarat is a great game for casinos because of the steadily growing popularity. The challenge baccarat presents is that it provides outstanding odds for players winning a game in the casino.

Why Baccarat Is On The Casino Radar

Baccarat brings in a lot of money. Baccarat has its strongest game presence in volume in Macau. There are 40 casinos there and this game makes up for 88 percent of the profits. The tables in Singapore make up close to 75 percent and in Las Vegas casino profits are about 20 percent, the tables are profiting second only to the slot machines. However, the number of slots outnumber the baccarat tables so one could only imagine that if more tables were added in Las Vegas, the profits would be much higher.

One reason this game has fared well in casinos is its association to opulence and authority due to the James Bond movies. It is portrayed as a wealthy person's game of choice. Another reason this game does well is because the game has risen in popularity in Asian countries. They love the game structure and their culture has a strong belief in luck. The rules never change, so they believe as long as a player plays by the rules they will have good luck. Also, they game is fairly simple to play once the player understands the rules, all they have to figure out is when to bet and how much.

The Tricky Part Of Having Baccarat Tables

Baccarat is well known by the high rollers because of the low house advantage. If the high roller sticks to a particular role the odds are greatly increased for the high roller. These odds of winning in this situation surpass anything else they would be playing in the casino.

High rollers at a high-limit table have the potential of winning large sums at the casino. In Singapore, high rollers can be up to $550,000 per hand, while in Las Vegas high rollers can usually bet about $150,000 per hand. These amounts have allowed casinos to win and lose millions of dollars in a single game of baccarat. There is one story that surfaced of a man in Singapore who lost $10 million to the game in one night, while a lady in Las Vegas won $2 million from the game in one night. There is definitely strong risk and reward on both sides in this game.

Experts advise casinos that in baccarat the risk of losing is near 100 times an average player bet. At a high-limit table in Las Vegas, consecutive wins of $150,000 could cost the casino $15 million in a single evening. Casinos that want to take chances with high-stakes baccarat will need to understand the risk they are up against.

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