Betting Big on Mobile Gaming’s Future

People love the ability to play their favorite games 24/7/365, at their leisure. They can play a game in their spare time, during their breaks. What are some of the top mobile casino gaming developments?

Mobile Gaming- Smart Phone Size

While smart phones have great mobility, they still have a very small screen. It can be very challenging for gaming brands to miniaturize their games to fit this tiny screen. But, the benefits of mobile gaming continue to encourage this technological development.

Every one has a little extra downtime to play mobile games. Trends show that mobile gaming has been growing at about 7% per year. Of course, all smart phone users want to have every game available.

But, the small screen size limits this possibility. Some games have a lot of graphics, which devour small phone processing power. People's smart phones might crash if the graphics are too detailed.

So, what can mobile gaming companies do? There is a direct correlation between image file size and quality. If the graphics are made smaller, then the quality will usually suffer.

One potential solution is to use more efficient graphics file formats. That is a possibility. This remains a work in progress for the owners of Android and iOS mobile devices.

Digital Banking Options

Money is money. As long as you pay, the online casinos are happy. They will provide whichever money format is used by the most customers. Now, cryptocurrencies are hot.

Bitcoin casinos are emerging. Litecoin can also be used at some online casinos. Gaming analysts expect that more digital coins will be added to satisfy customer demand.

Live Dealer Games

Originally, people had a very limited number of options for mobile gaming. They might have a simple card game run by a computer. But, people want more.

There are some who still like the “illusion” of having a live dealer. They want to enjoy mobile games that attempt to replicate these features. This has led to the development of live dealer games, such as baccarat and blackjack.

Vivo Gaming is trying to satisfy this demand for live games. Social Media has made it so that people can socialize 24/7/365. Footage of game play can be streamed in real-time, so online players can feel like they are at the physical casino.

A new UI, operating in HTML5 has been developed by Vivo Gaming to provide this live gaming experience. The processing speed must be fast so that there is no lag. Hopefully, you can use the new Vivo UI on your smart phone or tablet.

The mobile gaming industry can continue to offer the must cutting-edge, real-time entertainment experience as long as the companies continue to innovate. The top gaming brands seem very intent on providing a variety of solutions. If mobile gaming continues to evolve, it will continue to increase its market share.

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