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When it comes to technological innovation, Ireland is usually one of the first on new opportunities. The U.S. has long been eager to set up Irish-based development due to the lower taxes and the large cultural attraction.

However, when online casinos started to take off, Ireland was at an initial disadvantage. They had apparently not anticipated that move. By the time it did, they had the only the 1957 Gaming and Lotteries Act to go on. Predictably, however, their legislation acted very fast and passed the new Betting Act by 2015. Ever since then, Ireland has been contributing literally dozens of new casino sites every week.

Another reason that Ireland may have acted as fast as they did is because of how hard-hit they have been by Brexit. For them, Brexit has, unfortunately, targeted just about every major industry from food and agriculture to the web business. However, since online gaming is still very new, it could provide a major advantage to staying on top of Brexit’s affect.

Ironically, Brexit is expected to impact many online casinos across Europe, especially the Scandanavia and Malta areas. The majority of them are operated under a single license. That means that when Brexit hits, most of them will have to re-license with the UK Gambling Commission.

Since Ireland didn’t start their online gaming base until just after the field took off, they are in a unique position. If they really want to become successful in the field, they may have a chance at becoming an ultimate bridge between Europe and the UK. With the EU currently scrambling for new online gambling markets and their enormous success in the field so far, Ireland has a unique opportunity to be the go-to country for that.

Again, if Ireland acts quickly, they could easily become the world’s market for gambling activities. For them, Brexit will likely make for a lot of depression in the country. However, the online casinos industry is new and changing very rapidly. Whoever acts the most quickly will likely get the most benefits in the long run. With all of the hardships going on across the EU and western parts of the world and with Britain as their neighboring country, Ireland is in the perfect position to snatch up the opportunity.

Simultaneously, the U.S. has been seeing numerous Supreme Court rulings that states can make their decisions about whether to legalize gambling activities. The fact that many states are rushing to establish laws for both casino and online activities will likely swing the doors wide open for both existing and new sites.

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