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The online slot is designed after its real-life predecessor, which has always been a staple of the most visited casinos in UK regions and elsewhere around the world. This type of gaming translates particularly well to the web-based platform because it requires only a single player and does not need a dealer.

Classic online slots are very similar to the older machines and typically only have three reels with a few different paylines at most. They offer simple gameplay to the player and are easy to learn. However, there are still different betting options available within the game that involve the determined coin size and the total number of coins that will be bet on each spin. Newer incarnations of the online slots are designed with five reels and paylines that can range over 1,000 depending on the game. Also, these more modern online video slots have different extra features and bonus games that make the overall experience more attractive. A few games even include progressive jackpots.

Since online slots have so many variables and are frequently played, they present a large amount of data that can be used by any top online casino to gather information about the game. Player habits will also become apparent through this data and can give each casino a better idea about every member and what they prefer. Although the compiling of such data would be a tremendous task that requires much planning, it could ultimately benefit both the player and the casino as the online slots become “smarter,” and resulting data addresses the areas in which a gaming company can improve. The first step is collecting all the data to put it to good use.

Working with Data

There are already a few different proposed strategies for collecting data and using it to improve the function of the slot and the casino. One such method directly involving the player is to have predetermined controls set to observe the different types of data and how it compares to a certain “standard” of play. This type of strategy would be useful in predicting such scenarios as to how likely a player will close their account at the online casino. It can also determine whether a player may be developing a problem with excessive gambling. Data can also be used to see if an actual player is operating the online slot or if an automated bot is being used to spin the reels. Ultimately, the comparison of data to a preset control will give the online casino better insight regarding the player activity.

Another method is to consolidate player information into certain groups. This shows the general habits and data from a large group of players and sets an expected set of information from which the online casino can make comparisons. The strategy comes in handy when making personalized recommendations to a player or trying to improve their experience at the casino. It can also be used to detect very strange behavior from a single account compared to the group and determine if there may be fraudulent activity.

Added Benefits to Safety and Security

From the perspective of the online casino, there is an inherent risk involved with giving free credit to players when they sign up. A majority of transactions involved in online casino banking are done with either a debit card or credit card. While most players sign up for a new account and take advantage of the welcome bonus, there may be a rare individual who wants to open multiple accounts using different cards and essentially defrauding the casino. The patterns observed from collected data can show what normal account activity looks like and highlight anomalies within the community of registered real money players.

Of course, the legitimate player may have their credit card details stolen or have an entire account hacked. The system can identify when a normal, long-standing account has suspicious activity on it and potentially save a player from fraudulent or criminal transactions being placed on a credit card. If a player making small bets at a time suddenly places numerous large bet amounts, the data collection system will see this and flag the account.

Identifying Gambling Problems

Encouraging moderate gambling is a necessity for any online casino, but this can prove to be a challenge when the player base is in the millions. A player’s history is a veritable wealth of information that can be used by the online casino to monitor responsible gaming habits compared to a larger pool of data. If the casino determines a player is starting to make deposits and place bets much more frequently than before, there can be preventative measure put in place before the player developing a problem with gambling. With 888 Online Casino just recently getting slapped with an investigation into responsible gaming practices, the tool could be vital in allowing other casinos to stop issues before they become detrimental to both parties.

New Content Creation

The most popular online slots garner a lot of playtime and attention from members of a casino, so the same data collection used in building a better experience can also be used to understand the most appealing style of game. With this information, the software developer can have added benefit to R&D purposes and focus their efforts on what will be the most successful online slots in the future. This innovation would allow the online casino to offer a more relevant gaming selection and, in turn, create a more loyal community of players. Additionally, the player would receive the best content based on comprehensive data.

The Smarter Online Slot

Does a smarter game benefit the player or the online casino? The most appropriate answer is “both.” There is a slight concern that a casino will only use this type of data collection to maximize revenue with reduced risk. However, the system ultimately benefits the player as well because the biggest weakness many casinos show is a failure to keep gameplay safe and fair. This machine learning method would expose fraud, monitor at-risk players, and create better, more innovative future online slots. Done right, this is a big payout for everyone involved.

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