Determining What Makes Online Casinos The Best

Internet connectivity and new mobile devices present the gambling community with unlimited options. In Canada, the effect has been the same as the rest of the world. Almost 20 million Canadians are active gamblers, but the authorities don't have a problem with that. The number of millennials gambling is on the rise. It seems most Canadians wager responsibly.

All over the globe, some of the online best casinos and sportsbooks continue to enjoy unparalleled success through the internet and mobile gambling. Extensive global marketing and penetration past legal borders have seen the industry gain significant traction. In Canada, the trend is the same with almost every major bookmaker having a presence in the market.

Mobile platforms play a prominent role in promoting online gambling. Almost all online gambling platforms offer mobile-friendly websites. Some are offering specialized apps that improve the overall gambling experience. Industry players see providing a customer user-interface that allows players to play complex games such as poker using the phone as a requirement.

Legality of Online Gambling in Canada

Territories and regions such as British Columbia, Quebec, and Saskatchewan make their laws regarding gambling. Quebec is leading regarding liberalization of gaming. However, their efforts to regulate the market, especially online gambling face challenges. Other territories are catching up. Some of them are sponsoring lotteries. Online betting in Canada is a legal grey area because the laws are silent. An average Canadian can join any online betting platform, locally or internationally, without restrictions.

Size of Gambling Market

Most provinces encourage regulated gambling through accredited online gambling sites. However, the market for unregulated sites continues to thrive. The overall output of the betting industry is about C$30 billion, and forecasts show that it is on the rise. Some of the online best casinos have local government backing, but other players are coming up.

Only about 6% of the gamblers commit over C$1,800, which translates to over 90% of recreational bettors. Online best casinos have modest win rates of 92%, but those marketing their services in Canada claim win rates of up to 98%. Customers are treated to sign up bonuses, free bets, free deposits, among many other freebies.

Betting Activities

Poker leads the pack with at least two in every five punters playing it online. Sports betting, casino slots, lotteries, bingo, skill games, and table games are also very popular. Almost every other game available on brick-and-mortar gambling platforms is available online.

Gaming software developers are on the overdrive, globally. They provide the platform in which players can play wherever they are and at whatever time they want. Ethical market players carry regulatory and industry standards such as gambling registration, licensing, and endorsement by gambling commissions.


Canadian authorities have given the gambling community a free pass. Deposits and withdrawals are unrestricted. Only individual institutions can institute transactional limitations if they suspect fraud. Online best casinos have a reputation that precedes them. Some of them enjoy extensive transaction histories that allow them to accept almost all available channels for deposits and withdrawals. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, NETeller, direct bank transfer, UKash, and PaySafeCard are readily available for the discerning online gamblers. Canadian online players use many other avenues to transact.

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