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There are two types of gambling available online these days. The first, and currently most popular, is social gambling. This is the gambling done usually through social media sites or sites that offer free gambling games combined with a social aspect. The other kind of online gambling is traditional online casino gambling which tries, in some ways, to replicate the feeling of being at actual casino where the stakes are high and the rewards potentially life-changing. Social gambling seems to enjoy a kind of legitimacy, whereas, the more traditional online casino gambling is stigmatized and hidden.

The key difference is that the social gambling does not usually involve any actual money. Although the games look and feel much like traditional casino games, they do not require the person to pony up actual cash. This gets rid of the possible risk of losing big. What people do when they social gamble is chat with friends, share their wins and losses, garner points for various bragging rights and it's more for fun than traditional online casino gambling.

Traditional online casino gambling carries the stigma that comes with potential gambling addictions. That is, the risk of losing a lot of money. A person has to use a credit card to sign up and then loses actual money when the lose in this casino environments. While they can also win big, the potential loss is a problem. When traditional online casino gambling became a reality, there were many who said it was dangerous to allow people with potential gambling addictions to just use their living room and home computer, combined with a credit or debit card, to gamble. The risks were too great, and stories about people who lost their homes or life savings became dominant.

Social gambling is just meant for fun. Although those who have a penchant for getting carried away with gambling in any fashion could become hooked on this form of gambling, the risk is virtually eliminated. Most people are not likely to lose their entire homes, their cars, or retirement savings playing social gambling games. This connection with a social media platform reduces the stigma. Their popularity has grown since then, as a result.

The other issue that comes with traditional casino online gambling is in the winnings. There are terms and conditions many players may not realize that make collecting winnings from these sites more difficult than they might think. There is also the question as to whether or not actual gambling that involves winning and losing money is legal in all countries and municipalities around the world.

Online gambling seems here to stay one way or the other. The choice is up to the consumer. They can enjoy the game, and social aspects, of social gambling and not risk their money. Or they can risk their own money with traditional casino online gambling.

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