Does Casino Self-Exclusion Actually Work?

Casinos have been around for quite some time and they have paved the way for people to get quick money. However, there are a lot of companies, agencies and web-based programs that offer people ways to get rich quickly. But when it comes to Online Casinos, they seem to get a bad rep. Casinos have often been blamed for someone losing their money. In reality, the problem may not be the Online Casino, but a combination of poor self-exclusion programs.

Too many people do not exercise self-control in this microwave society. The concept of wanting things now is the actual mindset that has been taught and drilled in today's time. The instant gratification mindset is why new plans and participant programs have been developed to help individuals that just can't seem to get a grip on their gambling. The concept of self-exclusion has now become the talk of the town.

Self-exclusion is supposed to work by allowing a casino to refuse to patronize a person. However, this refusal goes beyond simply refusing the customer from playing. It also includes their blocking of a player from making wagers or bids. It even extends to blocking an individual from entering the casino premises. If they enter the casino then they could be escorted out and possibly charged with trespassing which would lead to being arrested.

But for individuals that truly have a severe problem with gambling self-exclusion is not enough. Although self-exclusion may have worked for some individuals that does not mean that it works for everyone. In addition to the self-exclusion some individuals have sought counseling and other sources that aid the individual in completing the self-exclusion form that would ban them from all casinos in the area they reside in.

For individuals that have tried to resist the urge of gambling, self-exclusion should be a consideration, but they should also have other safety measures in place as well. A support group does help but it would also be beneficial to have the support of family, friends and loved ones to help them when they feel that regardless of the exclusion they still want to gamble.

Casinos are also having a difficult time dealing with self-exclusion as well. The Online Casino industry inevitably takes a hit because when there are uncontrollable gamblers it causes a bad name for Casinos and makes it more difficult for new casinos to open.

Not to mention the Casino industry then becomes the target of activist and public official groups that are usually determined to block casinos from expanding. Casinos also lose money when they have individuals with gambling addictions.

This is because when a gambler is excluded from their facility which includes having the individual arrested for trespassing the money that the gambler may have owed or earned is now seized by law officials or becomes invalidated. This results is a loss for both the gambler and the casino.

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