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David Mander is a 22-year-old Briton who has a part-time job maintaining properties and occasionally in poker. However, Mander was able to enter the first poker competition of his life as an amateur… and win £60,000 as a result. The biggest surprise is that it cost Mander less than £10 (the lowest deposit allowed at many of the best online casinos) to join the tournament.

Mander was playing at the tables for about 25 hours during the popular PokerStars Festival London, and he would wind up finishing third place in the main event. He mentioned that he did not expect to be around for long, estimating his departure from the event to happen within one hour.

To put things in perspective, the main tournament started out with 852 participants. By the second day of the event, there were only 297 players left. Furthermore, some individuals had to pay close to £1,000 in order to enter the competition. Mander joined the event for such a low cost because he had previously won an online event that rewarded him with entry.

The first day of action saw Mander having to play against a total of 150 other participants. His low expectations for his own performance soon improved to be more realistic when he was still at the poker table after a few hours. Even still, Mander has a hard time wrapping his head around the outcome.

As for the money, Mander states that he will remain conservative with his winnings.

Finding Poker at the Best Online Casinos

Poker, in its various iterations, is a popular style of casino game for individuals who prefer to play online. Although the classic card game has numerous dedicated sites, it can also be found at some of the best online casinos, especially in the live dealer section. Most online casinos will offer the player a guide to playing poker, so that people who are new to the game can learn the ropes. This information especially comes in handy when faced with multiple styles of poker at different tables.

Even though the success of David Mander may boil down to luck, he states that he’s had a love for card games ever since he was a young child. The best online casinos offer poker and other table games for free or with real money bets. Additionally, the games typically come with a wide range of betting options so that more players can join. There is the potential for winning money, but players should also understand the risk of gambling. The main priority should be having fun while playing poker, but a life-changing win could be in the cards.

After seeing Mander’s huge win as an amateur with limited experience, anything is possible.

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