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ARJEL is the regulatory agency for France, and its recent report shows many positive signs about the country’s online gambling markets. The reports displays a growth across all areas of the market during the first quarter of 2018. Not only did the revenue from online betting increase, but the rise in revenue was quite impressive. ARJEL reports that online gambling revenue posted a 55-percent increase compared to the same three-month period in the previous year.

Every aspect of the French online gambling market reflected positive growth numbers, but online betting in particular was the sector that really stuck out. Online betting had a year-on-year increase of 55 percent in terms of its revenue, which comes out to slightly over £129.6 million. The number is a new record for a quarter of activity in France and is propelled by profitable outcomes in sports betting. Regulations in France allow a minimum of 85 percent in regards to the return to players, which was integral in boosting revenue as results of sports events favored the house.

In addition, many more French players have been participating in sports betting on a weekly basis. Players per week on average grew to more than 462,000. The online traffic is a 26-percent increase and can likely be attributed to new bonus offers from betting sites. Bonuses in the French online gambling market increased to £17.3 million.

Online betting operators for sports that hold the proper licensing from ARJEL contributed to a total draw of £740.8 million during the first quarter. The quarter ended on the 31st of March and the time period achieved an impressive increase of 34 percent over the same quarter during 2017. Once again, the reported numbers are a new record for the French market. France established its regulated online gambling industry eight years prior.

At the present time, France only has a singular market for online poker. This market jumped up to 963 million, which reflects a healthy growth of 18 percent. Similar to sports betting, the rise is due to more players in France using online poker products. Horse racing betting online saw an increase of 9 percent and bets on football rose an impressive 34 percent. Even with such positive growth, the regulated French online gambling market is still in its infancy. If the same trends hold in the future, new opportunities will arise for operators interested in expanding to France.

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