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The online gambling industry is facing significant changes for the remainder of 2018. Gambling sites face ongoing challenges as new competitors emerge and existing ones consolidate operations. In this new environment, every new player counts and getting VIP players is crucial to the survival of an online casino.

Of primary importance in this environment is gaming habits. Where players once only used desktop computers for online gambling, smartphones and tablets are now emerging as the preferred devices for many gamblers. An article for Online Gambling Quarterly best expresses the situation for gambling sites. The article’s authors found that 61% of industry revenue came from mobile devices and 72% of betting stakes came from smartphones and tablets.

In addition to creating security and fraud concerns, online casinos are faced with the sometimes-daunting prospect of creating uniformity in their mobile websites, so players can have the same experience on their mobile devices as they do on their home computers. The ease of use for mobile players is also important to consider in the context of security concerns. Many online gamblers do not want to be bothered by the hassle that comes with the traditional username and password method of logging into their accounts and instead prefer sites that utilize biometric security procedures, such as fingerprints.

Fraud and security concerns are compounded by changing ways hackers and other online criminals steal information from customers. Instead of just stealing credit card numbers and payment information, criminals can now use advanced techniques to cause harm to customers and operators alike through chip dumping and other forms of cheating and collusion. To make matters worse, these fraudsters often use programs that hide or change their IP address or other identifying markers, meaning that online casinos are often scammed by the same individuals time and time again.

To combat these efforts, some online gambling sites have even resorted to artificial intelligence programs. These new programs usually focus on identifying the type of device the fraudster is using rather than personal information. This has the added benefit of the online casino no longer having to store a customer’s personal information. Creating a secure site is made more difficult by new regulations in the European Union and the United Kingdom which place limits on the type of data that online casinos can collect on customers.

While security issues call for innovative thinking and solutions, they also allow fraud prevention teams for online casinos the opportunity to work with the sales and marketing departments to create new user interfaces that generate additional revenue. Creating higher revenues streams also incorporates VIP programs. Offering VIP players incentives and promotions differentiates an online casino from their competition, creating player loyalty and ensuring greater player retention.

As always, fraudsters will attempt to take advantage of online casino VIP programs. To fight against this, fraud teams often employ machine learning and device fingerprinting programs to determine the risk a potential VIP player can have on the casino. As such, only the most trusted players are offered VIP perks.

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