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Blackjack is a popular card game that has been around for over 300 years. Dating back to the 1700s in France, the game really hasn't changed much in principle, it is where you play that has undergone a transformation. For centuries, the game was played in clubs with a dealer, but the best online casinos have reshaped that.

The Origins of the Game Blackjack

Although it is believed that Blackjack was first played in France some time in the early 1700s, it quickly caught on in Europe and different variations of the game sprang up in Portugal, Spain, and other European cities. When gambling was legalized in Las Vegas, it changed the game of Blackjack forever. Now anyone with a couple dollars could sit at a table and play 21 versus a dealer. This was also around the time that hundreds of books were written touting strategies on how to beat the game and break the bank.

Card Counting Changed the Game

When Edward Thorp wrote his book, Beat the Dealer, he got the world excited about the possibility of actually beating the game and brought Blackjack into the mainstream. His mathematical system for counting the cards and determining whether the remaining cards in the deck would benefit or hurt the player gave hope to gamblers that they could finally have an edge over the house. The casinos were quick to take action, increasing surveillance, bringing in more eyes to watch players, and banning those who were suspected of counting cards.

The Growing Popularity of Online Blackjack

The internet really ignited a fire in the gambling world, because now anyone could turn on their computer and visit an online casino to play Blackjack. These online casinos went from a few dozen to several thousand in a short span, each using the popularity of the game of Blackjack to draw in new players. As the competition grew, so did the need for the game to undergo a few changes. Each casino would over a slight twist on the game to grab more attention, from the dealer having to check his hand if his up-card was a ten or better, to players getting their hands dealt face up.

The Future of the Game of Blackjack

One thing is for certain, the online casinos keep adding new games to their sites, but Blackjack is still the top draw as far as card games. As technology continues to advance, once again the game is getting a fresh new look. Players can access live games online with real dealers who interact with players just like in the local land-based casinos.

Blackjack continues to be the most popular card game at the online casino even all these years later. As technology continues to advance at blazing speeds, so too are the ways players can find a 21 game. Players can use virtual reality technology to get in a live game anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye.

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