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Most people who think of gambling in New Jersey immediately think of Atlantic City. Like Las Vegas is the gambling mecca of Nevada, you can't think gambling in New Jersey without the thoughts of the boardwalk and casinos in Atlantic City. Recent years have not been kind to Atlantic City, with closures of top casinos happening more each year. The state of New Jersey is about to undergo serious transformations in the area of gambling in the coming years.

Top Casinos Topple

Atlantic City used to be the king of all gambling. People would drive from neighboring states to not only gamble in all the top casinos that were along the beautiful Jersey Shore, but to spend time at the beach, enjoy incredible food, and even take in the Miss America Pageant. Hard times have made Atlantic City a shell of its former self, with numerous casinos going bankrupt, the pageant leaving town, and the surrounding area looking more like a slum than the gambling paradise it used to be. Although the city is currently planning a modern facelift, it will be years before it regains its former glory.

The Opportunity to Pounce

While the Atlantic City top casinos were running into trouble, online gambling found its way to New Jersey and decided to take on the challenge of drawing business back to the Garden State. Unlike online gambling websites already accessible around the world, New Jersey took a different approach. The state legislators decided to legalize online gambling in New Jersey, but only for a few websites that based very strict regulations. These websites were chosen based on security and keeping the identity and personal information of New Jersey residents safe.

Reaching a New Generation of Gamblers

New Jersey state legislators recognized casino-style gambling online could be even more popular than the already successful state lottery. With younger gamblers coming of age each day, New Jersey allowed these gambling sites to include games like poker, video slots, and Blackjack, games the younger generations are attracted to.

The Rebuilding of an Empire

Although Atlantic City took one on the chin, it certainly is not out for good. The city has plans in place to update the boardwalk with pedestrian paths and add LED lighting throughout the area. More chain stores are finding their way to Atlantic City, and popular places like the Rain Forest Cafe are drawing in families back to the boardwalk. A new pier with amusement rides and games is also in the works, with the hopes that families will return to the area on vacations to spend their money.

Gambling in Atlantic City will never be anything like it was during the last few decades, but it does have plans in the works to attract a more family-oriented experience like that in Las Vegas. Online gambling in the state continues to break new ground and give gamblers two unique ways to bet their money on striking it rich with their favorite games of chance.

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