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Online gambling has been a topic of interest to many gamblers across the globe, and this includes the U.S Online Gambling world. When visiting a casino before the internet craze, we didn't imagine the possibility of gambling online. Of course, we love the sounds the machines make when we win a jackpot or even when we win $10. But what happens when your favorite slot machines hit the big time online? Here, you will see how gambling has affected those who used to play for fun.

Gambling in the United States is so common you can not go into a gas station without seeing signs advertising the next jackpot for the Power Ball. You can even sometimes catch a slot machine in the back of the store played by the stores regulars. But this is not the only places you are allowed to gamble in the United States besides the obvious casinos. Online gambling has become more popular with more and more companies advertising daily prizes across a vast majority of social media. Despite the advertisements of online gambling, what are the laws?

How is the U.S Online Gambling Market Moving Along

In the United states, the law behind gambling online has become more and more private. Some states would opt to ban online gaming because it violates the rights of the casino in particular lands. You may hold a license to operate slot machines but you must go through the same requirements to run an online gambling site as well.

Another popular way of gambling in the U.S. Online Gambling market is Sports. I am sure you remember the UFC fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor, there were wagers on that fight that brought out millions of gamblers wanting a piece of the pie. This fight was one of the biggest in combat sports history and when the price went up for bets on who would win, everybody was looking for a way to get in whether legal or illegal it didn't matter. Because of this type of hype, there have been many battles to the supreme court to rule in favor of online gambling. But the supreme court wanted nothing to do with this and left it up to the individual states to handle their online gaming laws. There are still states that refuse to regulate the online gambling licensing procedures.

Although, for the European Union, it is very different. The European Union is made up of Malta, UK (still part of the EU at this time), Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden and Denmark. All which currently have approved licensing procedures that are governed by local governments and a set of laws that need to be followed by their operators. These markets believe that in order to attract any international operators that are active and invest in regulated markets, there has to be a transparent and competitive law in force.

However, that is not the case for a majority of the 28 member states in the European Union. Most have chosen to take a similar route as the U.S. Online Gambling ban. Which has have resorted to blocking may IP's and website banning to help keep out the international operators.

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