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For many years the number of online payment options was very limited at best, as most people were required to utilize traditional banking institutions for financial transfers. The advancements in technology in the digital age have clearly changed those limitations with several new companies providing financial transfer services. Security has always been a serious concern for all parties using online payment methods, and the new technological enhancements have addressed that concern. As a matter of fact, the entire digital community has embraced new technology with respect to practically every website because of increased attention on criminal behavior.


One of the primary improvements in casino online payment security is the utilization of 128-bit encryption. Prior to the new security socket, 64-bit encryption was the standard, along with those websites that employed HTTPS technology for their business sites. Today HTTPS is the standard versus unsecured HTTP with all signs indicating this will be the website business trend ongoing for web hosting companies. This will also allow for more new methods of online payment in the future, and especially for online industries such as gambling. Security is essential for all of those participating in terms of both payments and maintaining digital wallets.

Impact on the Gambling Market

Gamblers come in all sorts and sizes, including international players. Of course, those international players are located outside the United States, meaning they will need international payment capability for any financial transactions. Some payment systems do not support this feature, so payment options in the online gambling industry can be somewhat limited. However, there are still a few excellent choices for international gamblers. The speed with which funds are posted can matter greatly too, so the best option will allow the recipient to receive payment in practically real time. This allows access to funds immediately in some instances, depending on service choice. Typically, the posting time period is performed overnight with some services, which can be restrictive for most gamblers. Immediate funds access is vital in the online gambling industry because of competition and real-time access.

Payment Services Catering to Gamblers

There are three payment methods that tend to work very well in the online gambling industry. The first and most obvious is PayPal, which is now a separate entity from their former parent company eBay. PayPal works especially well for international gamblers because there are few restrictions and payment is posted immediately. There is a small fee associated with its use, but the immediate access easily justifies the token amount. American gamblers may have problems using this platform because gambling is not allowed in all states. Neteller is also an excellent payment service and may be best for many international gamblers, but the service is not available in the United States in any form. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the best for all gamblers who want to maintain complete anonymity in addition to an enhanced bit security socket and is becoming much more popular as the digital age becomes more the norm than the alternative.

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