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The controversial nature of gambling laws in India has resulted in police in the city of Bhubaneswar conducting a series of raids on illegal gambling dens over the course of 2018. The Indian crackdown comes as the complex list of regulations continues to cause problems for the authorities across India with a lack of central regulations in place for more than 150 years. A range of regional regulations is in place barring most citizens from gambling in all but three states where the nation’s 15 casinos are located, with most located in Goa.

The Indian Crackdown on Illegal Venues

Online gambling has been banned by an Act of the Indian Parliament from 2000 which outlawed all Internet-based gaming with fines of up to $1,300 for those caught. Despite the hefty fines levied, Indian police sources believe a number of illegal Online gambling dens are being operated in the country for the benefit of the Indian public. The India crackdown by Bhubaneswar police comes as the push to legalize gambling across the nation comes to a head with the arrival of the Fall festival season. So far, 12 illegal gambling dens have been raided by police in the city of Bhubaneswar as the police in the city try to regain control of a sector growing at a fast rate.

One of the most important times of year for fans of gambling in India is the Fall Festival season which brings together members of the three major religions within the country. The largest religious festival in India takes place in the Fall, the Hindu festival of Diwali which is the traditional festival of light. At this time of year, many Indian's are looking to celebrate this special time of the year by enjoying themselves and overindulging in activities such as gambling.

Police in Bhubaneswar  led the Indian crackdown has been relying on information from the public to continue a fight against illegal gambling dens which saw 18 illegal dens closed in 2017. Of the 17 illegal gambling dens already closed by the end of September 2017, some of the locations discovered to be covering as illegal gambling dens have include train stations, bus stations, and empty storefronts. Indian police sources are at pains to point out they are continuing the fight against illegal physical gambling dens despite reports of greater amounts of money being lost to illegal Online gaming apps. The continuing battle to overcome the use of illegal gambling dens is still of the greatest importance to members of the Indian police who feel their duty is to protect the people of the nation from illegal activity in its many forms.

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