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While many people simply do not think it is possible to win a progressive jackpot playing slots at the online casino, the facts show that real people in fact are becoming millionaires overnight because they were at the right machine at the perfect time.

If you are still on the fence, some information about winning big playing progressive slots online should convince you otherwise.

What is the Progressive Slot Jackpot?

While many players have heard of the progressive jackpot, they really don't completely understand what all the buzz is about. Unlike regular online slot machines that have their own jackpots, the progressive jackpot is comprised of a portion of the take from hundreds if not thousands of individual slots. Each spin, a portion of each slot's take goes towards helping explode the jackpot, which can reach several hundred thousand dollars in short order.

Making New Millionaires Overnight

While the amount of the progressive jackpot is tempting, is anyone really winning these incredible prize amounts? Ask the lucky Brit who in 2015 bet a single quarter on the game Mega Moolah and triggered the $17.9 million jackpot. This guy is not the exception, there are new millionaires being made overnight, more often than you think. There are thousands of online casinos, and each have several progressive games all building to the point of exploding at any second. Choose the right game, the right casino, and the right time, and today could be your lucky day.

Online Versus the Land-Based Casino

Imagine heading to the local land-based casino to try and win a progressive jackpot playing slots. You need to drive there, pay to park, then find a machine that doesn't have a dozen people waiting to take that spot. By the time you find any seat, the jackpot may have been won, or you could be forced to play a game you are not too fond of. At the best casino sites, the progressive slot machines have no lines of people waiting, so you can choose from a number of different games and play immediately.

Be Prepared to Pay to Win

The only real downside to playing progressive slot machines, if you want to call it that, is that you have to spend a little more to win those massive prizes. That being said, we already talked about the player from England who won millions on a quarter bet. If you want to start small, choose lower denomination machines that have progressive payouts. These jackpots are triggered only when max coin is played, so there will be a huge different in max coin on a nickel machine versus a dollar machine.

The saying about having to be “in it to win it”, holds true for more than the lottery. In fact, you have a better chance of winning the progressive jackpot than you do the PowerBall, and some lucky player could hit that progressive jackpot tonight. Choose a denomination you're comfortable with, and pull up a chair and try your luck at winning perhaps millions.

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