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Japan is alive with excitement due to news about a potential new law there to legalize casinos. Legalizing casinos in Japan would offer an entirely new income stream to the country's already burgeoning economy. With a tourist industry that brings hundreds of thousands to the country each year, legalizing casinos would only add numbers and income to this fast growing industry.

People would flock to Japan just to gamble. The architecture and dazzle of these new casinos would undoubtedly be beyond compare. Japan and Tokyo are known for their seemingly futuristic architecture and tech influences in designing the built environment. With so much to offer to the public, these casinos, with live shows, hotels, restaurants, and more, would employ thousands of workers in Japan. The opportunities in the casino industry for Japanese or foreign workers is nearly limitless.

The country would have the opportunity to legally bet on sports, including sports races, women's tennis, football, soccer, and just about every sport under the sun, all legally. Sports betting is a huge part of the casino world, and is at times even more popular than the table games. Table games such as blackjack, three and five card poker, roulette, and other table games, however, will never lose their popularity, and will always be a part of a good casino. There may even also be new games to play in these casinos.

Japan has so much creativity and talent to add to the potentially lucrative casino industry there. From fashion designers, to professional card dealers, to interior designers, and manufacturers of casino products, there is so much room for growth if legal casinos were to become a reality. The casinos would be a magnificent visual display, and customers will forget all about time, their lives, all of the worry of the city, and get to escape into a world of games. Sometimes the risk is high, but the higher the risk, usually the chance of more profit. The same rules apply to introducing legal casinos in Japan. Casinos have some risk, however, the opportunities for capital creation definitely outweigh any small potential reverberations.

Japan is really considering making casinos legal there. The opportunity to increase the flow of wealth into the country through increased tourism, and employing Japanese workers at the same time seems like a good idea to many of the Japanese people. The country is about to make a major shift towards the world of casinos, and Japan might even become a worldwide mecca for those seeking the thrill and escape that these well designed casinos can provide. Only with careful planning and support from the people can this dream of legal casinos in Japan come true.

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