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Quebec, Canada had a jackpot lottery winner that smashed all the records of any other lottery. The winner who has incredible luck has yet to claim their $60 million jackpot prize which is a win that will go down in the history books. Once the lottery winner steps forward and their identity is confirmed, this will be the biggest jackpot ever to be won in Canada.

The Lotto Max reached its maximum cap allowed by the rules at $60 million and is a lottery that is available for all residents in every Canadian providence, which means the main jackpot increases quite rapidly. As the number of people who buy lottery tickets grows, so does the amount of the top prize. As the jackpot prize gets bigger, more people hear about it and even more people buy a ticket making a domino effect. According to official data, there was one winning ticket; the ticket was sold and bought in Quebec, which means one very lucky person won the $60 million on June 8th's lottery drawing.

The corporation in charge of overseeing all Canadian lottery and gaming operations, The Crown Corporation, has not released the identity of the lucky drawer; though they have a year to claim their prize, it has been a week and still no one has shown up. As this is the largest jackpot won by a single person across the country of Canada, The Crown is urging everyone in Quebec who bought a lotto max ticket to check their ticket to see if they are the lucky winners and don't even know it! The Crown also reminds people that they can check the winning numbers online.

In total, with the $60 million dollar jackpot and the smaller jackpot winnings, Friday also broke another record for the Canadian lottery. The total number of winnings set a record for the sheer number of people that won prizes. in total, the amount of money that was won from the main jackpot was 474,746,722 which included the $60 million top jackpot draw. According to officials, there were more than 600 other winners who were awarded a total of $14.7 million. Maximillion prizes that are worth $1 million each are determined by the total size of the lottery prize pool. The main prize is split into two, Maxmillions which are worth $1 million each and prizes that are worth $500,000 each.

On Friday's lottery draw where the lucky winner won the $60 million top prize, there were also 17 Maxmillion winners who received $1 million, and ten lucky people who won the $500,000 prize.

The next Canadian lottery draw will happen on Friday, June 22, 2018. This draw is estimated to have a main jackpot top prize worth $35 million and possibly more. Canada is just getting into the lottery game, but jackpots are growing and more people are playing. The question is: who will the next big winner be, and will the winner of the $60 million prize ever step up?

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