Macau’s Casino Exclusion Requests on the Rise

Macau Casino Exclusion

The casino exclusion system is a system that allows individuals to voluntarily exclude themselves from certain acts. This same player can also be found at casinos online operating in multiple countries around the world. In the case of Macau, individuals are given the option to apply to have themselves excluded from entering casinos in Macau and if violated, is punishable by law with fines or jail time. Macau was one of the first regions to set precedence with the formulation of its exclusion system in 2012. Exclusions can come in 3 different forms:

• Self-exclusion is completed by oneself to be voluntarily excluded from entering all casinos and legal gambling places.
• Family exclusion involves the immediate family members of an individual completing a form to request the exclusion of individuals to prevent harm caused by gambling abuse.
• Automatic exclusion by law involves lawfully and forcibly excluded for undischarged bankruptcy, receiving government/legal aid or have more than 6 months rental arrears.

The Chinese special administrative region of Macau implemented a casino exclusion system in 2012 and the numbers of exclusion requests have risen significantly in recent years. The maximum exclusion period in Macau currently sits at 2 years, which can be potentially extended if necessary. The exclusion applicant can choose between exclusion from some or all of the casinos altogether and violating the exclusion order is punishable with up to 1 year of jail time. Whether applying personally or through a third party family member, the person being excluded must also agree in writing. Along with those included in the exclusion, civil servants of Macau are banned from entering all casinos, unless it is during the Chinese New Year holiday season.

From 2012, when the ban was first implemented until 2016, the self-exclusion request list sat at 25, but that number just about doubled to 50 in 2016. That 50 significantly rose again in 2018 to 233 from January to June 2018, placing the increase at over 34%. The unexpected spike is mostly due to third party application requests from family members of suspected gambling abusers. The 233 applications came from a combination of 119 in the first quarter of 2018, which is the highest amount of application requests received since the implementing of the bill in 2012. In the second quarter of the year, the amount of requests sat at 114, but it's still considered a large number in such a short amount of time, compared to prior years.

Gambling problems and abuse is a problem that has existed for years, but countries and regions around the world are taking the time to address that matter. A region of China, Macau’s implementation of casino exclusion and ban gives individuals the opportunity to request themselves or family members to be excluded from entering casinos and gambling for up to 2 years. Since the implementation in 2012, the number has risen to a high of over 233 by the second quarter of 2018. With hopes that those with gambling problems don’t harm those around them, the ban seems to be effectively in place.

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