Mega Moolah Pays Out for the Second Time in 2018

For the second time in the year, the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot has created another millionaire. According to the online casino site Royal Vegas, a longtime player who resides in Canada won a progressive jackpot that carried a value of CAD 7.45 million. The late February win is still unconfirmed, but the jackpot has been officially reset.

Mega Moolah gets its popularity from being a large progressive jackpot with numbers that reach seven and sometimes eight figures on a regular basis. The large jackpot is created by a constant flow of players who spin the reels on this progressive slot across multiple online casinos. The progressive slot is a product of the developer Microgaming, so it is commonly featured at any gaming site that hosts the software.

The first 2018 win from the Mega Moolah slot was by a Canadian player who raked in a cool CAD 3.6 million back in January. If the most recent win can be confirmed to be in the same country, it would seem as though Canada is on a hot streak. This latest win would mean that three of the last four Mega Moolah jackpots went to Canadian players, with a stunning total of CAD 12.4 million.

Until this most recent win, February has been a dry month for the progressive jackpot online slot. The last time a player won a February Mega Moolah jackpot was five years ago in 2013. In fact, February tends to be one of the months that pay out the least in regards to the progressive jackpot. This should not come as a surprise though. Mega Moolah trends downward in the early months of the year. November and December are the hottest times with 6 wins and 5 wins respectively.

Once the win is confirmed, there will likely be a flurry of Mega Moolah players at Canadian online casinos. While a progressive slot win relies purely on luck, there are evidently more players in Canada spinning the reels of the game.

How To Play Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot that can be downloaded on the personal computer. It is available at many of the best Canadian and UK online casinos. However, the downloadable version of the game is only available on PC’s running a Windows operating system. Players can also use the in browser progressive slot through any browser on any software. For an added touch of convenience, Mega Moolah can be accessed through mobile on a tablet or smartphone.

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