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The mobile casino industry has undergone a massive transformation in the past few years, especially with the advent of new technologies and rapid growth in the smartphone industry. The growth and expansion experienced by the mobile gaming industry have added new dimensions to the industry. Even though the first wave of mobile games was completely free without any in-game purchases, the new age smartphone games are much more extensive and data-driven.

These games have in-app purchases that require players to spend real money to buy extra features, but most of the times it is entirely optional. Moreover, the gambling industry has also got that much-needed boost with the growth experienced by the mobile casino gaming industry as there are tons of gambling applications and games that have flooded the iOS and Android platform. These online gambling games allow the players to wager with real money online. It aims to come as close to the real experience of casino gambling as possible by integrating the same features the physical gambling offers.

Surprising as it may be, over forty percent of the revenue generated by the gaming industry comes primarily from the mobile gaming sphere. The online marketplace in both the iOS and Android platform offers endless choices regarding games in every genre one can name, starting from the action and shooter games to gambling and card games, and much more.

In the initial stages of mobile gaming, the games that required in-app purchases were seen with a frown and mostly not preferred, but the dynamics have been changing over a period and for good. More and more people are opening up to spending on mobile games due to the effort they see of the developers in pleasing and entertaining the users. The graphics and the game-play of online gambling as well as of other genres have drastically improved as well.

Initially, the casino gambling apps that required real money weren’t allowed by Google to be downloaded for the citizens of Ireland, France, and the United Kingdom. However, it was revoked by Google in 2017 that not only surprised everyone but also welcomed millions of new users who wanted to the taste of new age online casino gaming. It is predicted by the tech and gaming experts that soon Google would allow users of many other countries to download real money casino games as well. Once the users of other countries are also entitled to download and put money in real money casino games, the revenue generated by the online gaming industry is going to be overwhelming. At present, there are more than two billion smartphones across the globe, and seven out of ten of these phones have a mobile game.

The mobile gaming industry has been growing at a slower pace than earlier expected as it was anticipated that mobile gambling market would reach over $100 billion by the end of 2017. It is primarily because there are legal and regulatory issues that need to be overcome before the apps can go live. Even with such obstacles coming in the way to help the mobile gambling industry to flourish further, one can say that the mobile gambling industry is the future of the gambling industry.

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