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For the longest time, the online iGaming market in New Jersey would only allow players to play one slot or game at a time. However, a new team-up is revolutionizing the way that players can participate in four games at once. This great multi-gaming ability is available thanks to the Hard Rock online casino and their partner Gaming Innovation Group. Here's how it works, as well as some key information to remember about the feature.

How to Use Multiple Slot Games at Once

The Hard Rock online casino's web interface provides this exciting new opportunity. A player must open one game on their screen in order to start the process. Once a particular slot game is open on the screen, there will be a visible sidebar that loads. This might be located on the right side of the screen. By going over to this sidebar, an individual can click on a special icon there. It will give the option for a split-screen.

The icon can load a split-screen for two-to-four different games at once. Once the option is enabled, a player will see the first slot game they opened already on their screen. However, there will be one or more other boxes on the split-screen. Each of these will allow the player to click on them in order to add yet another slot game to play!

Multiple Slot Game Limitations

It's important to realize that there are some limitations when using the multiple slot games on one screen together. Right now, only desktop and laptop computers can benefit from the feature. This is due to the smaller screen size for most mobile phones out there.

Unfortunately, the multiple slot games won't work on tablets either. However, one has to think that due to their screens giving more visual space than a smartphone, that tablets will soon be added into the mix.

Another limitation to consider is the fact that players can't open up two to four instances of the same slot or game. Each of the games loaded onto the split screen needs to be unique. That makes perfect sense, although some gamers may want to try the same game with four times the chance of winning.

New Online Casino Features

This new set of unique features gives players even more potential winnings and excitement. While there are some early limitations to consider, there's also the benefit of being able to participate in four different games at once. That doesn't need to stay limited to just slots, as other popular online games such as video poker or blackjack.

The Gaming Innovation Group has opened up the possibilities for the future, but they'll need to address some of the shortcomings. One of those is the lack of this feature on mobile devices, as well as the ability to play two of the same game at once. These may be improved upon in future versions of the technology. It's entirely possible they'll decide to make more than four screens for more than four games at once. That could depend on what players want most.

Players Must Remember Risks

When playing online casino games, keep in mind there is not just the risk of winning, but also losing. With the new multi-gaming environment that Hardrock Online casino and Gaming Innovation Group have launched, it opens up the possibilities for winning more. However, it also brings with it increases chances of suffering a devastating loss.

Players may decide upon their own bankroll strategy for participating in these games. That could include decreasing the amount they bet per spin or hand. This may help balance out the potential for a huge loss in a quick amount of time.

The allure of winning is exciting and fun, but always operate responsibly when playing these online games.

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