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When players search for the best online casino, the regulatory agencies in the UK, Canada, or elsewhere play a major role in what content is available. Typically, the security measures are to benefit the player and keep all individuals safer when gambling. The country of Australia took a much more drastic approach to its internet gambling laws and created outright bans for certain providers. Even though the revised legislation is on the books, some online gambling providers have reportedly not listened.

The Australian government took measures in 2017 to update the specific of the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act. In a move that shifted the industry, the country banned the access to internet gambling provided by offshore companies. The ban includes sports betting, online casinos, poker, and credit bets. However, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) recently reported a total of 19 breaches related to the updated laws.

The ACMA says that it had over 100 complaints come through during a period of three months that pointed to violations by different vendors. Upon looking further into these matters, ACMA officials found that close to 40 of the total complaints had validity. As a result, the agency launched numerous investigations and discovered the breaches.

While each violation has its own specifics, most of the cases were related to an online gambling provider offering banned services within Australia. Other matters include providers featuring regulated but unlicensed content to Australian residents and the advertisement of services that are not allowed.

There are multiple companies involved in the overall investigation, but the ACMA did not release any names of providers. However, the agency has reached out and discussed the violations with every company that was involved.

Australia has long been a hotbed of controversy regarding online casinos and gambling. While proponents of the legislation say it is beneficial to curb the harmful effects on gambling addicts, those against it say that the lost potential revenue to the country is disappointing.

The Interactive Gambling Act is designed to target operators who offer real-money winnings for gambling on the internet. In addition, operators are prohibited from advertising the same services to citizens of Australia. In 2010, Australian residents spent a total of over $800 million on internet gambling.

Oddly enough, the legislation allows companies within Australia to advertise and provide online gambling services outside of the country. Accessing or even using internet gambling by a resident of Australia is not considered an offense.

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