Online Casino Bonuses vs. Live Play Comps

Playing at online casinos can be a lot of fun in general, but every player obviously wants to win. As experience grows, savvy players begin to understand how their budget can be supplemented by including bonuses. These perks are given away at the real land-based casinos and virtually every casino online.

Although any casino has a built-in house advantage to earn profit, these venues still want players to have a decent shot at winning. Therefore, every player can start by researching gambling websites and checking out online casino reviews. The information includes relevant bonuses and live play comps that can be used.

These different player perks obviously do not work exactly the same. The wagering requirements, dates of expiration, and other factors will change depending on the type of bonus. All players interested in earning some extra cash should keep a few tips about perks in mind.

Bonuses at Casinos Online

Online casinos did not offer bonuses at the beginning. When these sites first appeared, there was little competition and players had limited choices. The casinos based on the internet thrived without the need to entice a new player with incentives for signing up. These days, there are hundreds of online casinos. The access to technology has made it somewhat simple to create a casino online and the competition is strong.

Players should look for a welcome bonus, or first deposit bonus, that caters to their needs. Nearly every online casino has wagering requirements for this perk, but sites that want business will offer easier terms. The player can also benefit from skipping the welcome bonus and instead relying on weekly promotions to add value. Most casinos will offer a cash back perk or deposit match for using a certain payment method.

Players should enroll in the loyalty program if one is available. Finding a program linked to multiple online casinos is even better. Even though online casino are required to be more transparent now, terms and conditions should always be reviewed.

Using Live Play Comps

Land-based casinos offer perks of their own, mostly known as “comps.” Short for “complimentary,” casino comps have existed for decades and are designed to keep the player around making bets. Since visiting a casino requires travel, lodging, and dining, players may receive comps in the form of free hotel rooms or meals at no charge.

However, the player who sticks around longer may be at risk of blowing through that budget. Players should move from table to table occasionally, even after a hot streak. In addition, slot machine play should be diversified. The player can earn various comps for different games this way.

Obtaining a rewards card is another benefit for land-based casino trips, as it automatically rewards the player and tracks activity. Rewards cards are often linked to other perks and can be singularly important to cutting the costs of visiting a casino.

What's Better?

The bonuses for casinos are different, but what type of bonus is better? The answer is, for the most part, subjective. Players who enjoy the thrill of an actual casino resort can often take care of many expenses through live play comps. However, money can be saved by simply staying home and playing at an online casino with various bonuses or promotions. Ultimately, it is up to the player.

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