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There has been a recent rise in concerns regarding the way that the UK's current online casinos advertise on television. These concerns have placed greater responsibilities on the companies that use social media to interact with their current customers in addition to engaging new customers.

Responsible Gambling, an industry watchdog group, has released an updated edition of the Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising in response to the concerns. Online gaming operators with big names have undertaken initiatives for firmer self-regulations, with some operators even promoting Gameban, a software which prevents users from accessing online gambling websites.

Even so, it's more important now than it ever has been for customers and consumers to understand the ways they interact with online gambling sites. They need to know what promotions are running, how to participate in gambling, and how to receive help if they have a problem with gambling. Multiple different outlets provide information regarding these topics. These are the top four ways that online casinos can connect with their customers to allow consumers the safest experience possible.

Online Casino Blogs

Most social media advertising is geared to pull a customer's attention in as little time as possible. This is achieved through quick-hitting information. That said, blogs are one of the most reliable ways of getting educational and detailed information out to the public.

Blogs answer in-depth questions about the gambling industry, its benefits, and its risks. What casinos have low customer satisfaction ratings? Which sign-up provides the most benefits per wager? Every week, there's a new casino website trying to differentiate itself from the competition. Players use blogs to compare and contrast the different casinos in order to pick the one that's best for their unique situation.

Well-kept blogs can provide a wealth of information about everything to do with the gambling industry, from the rules of a particular game to strategies for winning. Players who want an edge should seek to educate themselves with blogs whenever possible.


Despite the proliferation of other social media sites, Facebook remains the most prevalent site when it comes to advertisements and connections. Casinos are able to advertise and promote their specials through the site. They also allow customers to have personal interactions with casinos.

Facebook has a comments section in addition to a chat window in-browser. These can both be used by customers who want to ask questions or raise concerns. The responses are faster than the response of an emailed support team.


Twitter is a website for people who are ready to play with just the twitch of a finger. Tweets are short, quick, and to the point. It's designed for people who don't have the attention span for lengthy blog or Facebook posts.

Tweets aren't very long; they might give a user the basic gist of a promotion along with an informational link to learn more.


Surprisingly enough, Instagram makes up an essential part of online casino advertisements. It's a perfect site for sharing stories of winning and satisfied customers. The comments section also allows for player reactions to success.

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