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The online gaming industry is currently, in a word, booming. In the last few years, almost 11% of total internet traffic is now being driven towards online casinos and gambling games. Online gambling sites saw a 300% increase in the last few years, reaching revenue in the billions.

In addition to online gambling suddenly taking off, real-life gambling has also seen a drastic increase. One may think that the number of users partaking in real life gambling would be inverse to those doing it online. This is not the case, as we can see that the numbers are steadily increasing for both niches.

Online Gaming – Skyrocketing to Success

So what exactly can we attribute this booming influx of online gamblers to? The answer, simply put, is an increase in technological advancements. As you can guess, the better the game and more positive the experience is for the gamer, the higher rates will be for those partaking in online gambling. This is particularly true for mobile devices, which have seen a huge influx of online gamers. People are simply on their phones more often now than they are their computers. Some studies even suggest that we spend up to forty hours per week on our phone. Because of this, the drastic advancements in mobile casinos now appeal to a much wider audience.

Because of the wide interest in the industry, gambling is now essentially feeding itself. What this means is that the more people that partake, the higher quality the gaming experience becomes because people see that investing in online gambling apps has a huge return on investment. With that, online wages and gambling pools now have more buy-ins and higher prizes, encouraging even more people to partake in the system. This is a positive cycle and because of it, the gambling industry is flourishing.

One factor often overlooked in the gambling world is the presence of female gamblers. It is suggested that there is a sort of stigma against women gambling in the real world. Because of this, mobile online gambling offers women the privacy, comfort, and anonymity to gamble in their very own home. This is now giving a gambling platform to a demographic that would previously avoid casinos and other real-life gambling scenarios. Now, more and more women are participating in the betting scene.

Another reason online gambling may be booming is that it is an incredible interactive form of entertainment. For instance, you cannot participate while watching a show or movie. With gambling, its a choose your own adventure of sorts as the decisions you make have real-life consequences. You participate in your own entertainment instead of passively watching from the sidelines.

Overall, the gambling industry is at an all-time high both in person and virtually. More people than ever are enjoying betting and casino games both in person and from the comfort of their own homes via their cell phone screen.

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