Online Casinos vs. Land-Based Casinos

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No official record exists as to when the first casino was established, with records of gambling in an organized fashion dating back thousands of years. The first documented record of a “casino” comes from the 1600s in Italy, though it was not yet known by its modern term. Since then the casino has grown and evolved into an incredibly popular attraction that fuels a multi-billion-dollar industry. Now, with the introduction of the online casino, there are more options than ever. Even with its relative infancy when put in perspective, the internet casino platform has rapidly grown into an acceptable, and sometimes preferable, alternative to its land-based predecessor. How exactly do these two forms of gaming stack up against each other? A quick glance at both will give players insight into the choices they have.

The Online Casino

A big factor in choosing an online casino over a land-based casino is the convenience. Players can choose from a large number of online casinos that are available from the computer as long as an internet connection is in place. Furthermore, most casino brands also offer their content on mobile devices. This convenient alternative to a land-based casino means that the player has numerous options while at home or on the go. It reduces money and time spent, along with giving players real control about their preferred casino and opening the door for more relaxed and personalized gaming. Land-based casinos may be entertaining, but they are not always the most practical choice for a player. Choosing an online casino is always convenient.

The gaming selection at any popular online casino is on par with what land-based casinos can offer. Since gaming technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade, players can now find online gambling that is as close to the real thing as it gets. For example, Vegas Paradise casino has online slots, roulette, blackjack, and live casino options that total close to 400 different games, and this is just one site out of many. Also, visiting a land-based casino as a new player may be intimidating with limited knowledge of how to play certain games. The online casino provides a much more relaxed atmosphere around its titles, along with instructions so that new players can easily learn the ropes without any unwanted stress.

Another reason contributed to the success of the online casino is the welcome bonus and other promotions that are offered to new players. When visiting a land-based casino, chances the player will enter and play with the same amount of money as originally intended. Online casinos sweeten the deal by rewarding players just for signing up. Virtually every reputable casino online will offer players a welcome bonus, whether it is free credits upon a deposit or free spins for online slots. Online casinos want to increase their community of members and are dedicated to doing so with promotional benefits. The allure and reputation of the land-based casino are something special, but the economic player will typically find more value in joining an online casino for immediate bonuses.

There is a degree of separation between the player and the management at an online casino. While this may seem like a weakness on the surface, it can benefit the responsible player who does not want to be harassed. To moderate playing, online casinos will allow the player to set deposit limits, lock down an account for a period, and also discontinue the receipt of emails about events and promotions at the site. There have been horror stories of gamblers losing everything at land-based casinos because the management kept enticing them with gifts and accommodations just to get them back through the door. The practices of some land-based casinos are questionable, which makes turning to an online casino with proper licensing and regulations a safe bet for keeping one’s gambling under control.

The Land-Based Casino

Players have traditionally gone to land-based casinos for numerous reasons. Obviously, one aspect is the lack of online casinos a couple of decades ago and having land-based casinos as the only choice available. However, another part of the allure is the history and experience behind these long-standing casinos. The player can visit a hot casino spot like Las Vegas and have an incredible experience without even having to gamble. The size and scale of land-based casinos are truly a spectacle, and it is hard to top this kind of atmosphere with any alternative based on the internet. Traveling to a land-based casino will mean extra time and money, but some will argue that it is worth the expense to appreciate what these gaming venues have to offer. If nothing else, visiting historic gambling landmarks is a must for the serious player.

The land-based casino, without a doubt, has strict security measures when it comes to keeping players safe, and this applies in particular with underage gambling. It is nearly impossible for a young individual to enter a land-based casino without being screened. The casinos in Vegas and elsewhere are relying on their reputations to keep operating and take every step necessary to maintain the safety and enforcement of regulations. It can sometimes be a little too easy for an underage person to set up an account with an online casino. Due to the anonymity through the internet, this is a tough challenge for the online casino, and many sites have already been penalized for such incidents taking place. Land-based casinos have this same advantage with banking, as the player will have to verify details in person, reducing the chance of theft or fraud.

What Type of Casino Comes Out on Top?

Land-based casinos stand out for their history, atmosphere, and overall entertainment factor. Players who are looking for an all-inclusive experience can certainly find it at a land-based casino. However, it is tough to overlook the advantages the online casino now has. Players can enjoy the convenience, options, and promotions all from one online casino. It takes only a little research to find the best casino sites, and the same gaming from a land-based casino can be enjoyed in a much more relaxing setting. The prestige of the land-based casino is something to admire, but when taking all strengths into consideration, the newer and more innovative online casinos are simply more practical for the modern player.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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