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Online gambling continues its path towards legalization in the bulk of the United States. Recently, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a new bill legalizing online gambling in the state. Gamblers in the state won't be the only ones who benefit. Neither would be the online casino businesses gaining access to a highly populated state. The government of Michigan gains a lot here as well. Tax and licensing revenues will soon flow into the treasury. Online gambling isn't about leisure to lawmakers. Internet gambling reflects a means by which the economy garners a huge boost.

Michigan Online Gambling Moving Forward

What happens in Michigan and other states occurs to the chagrin of the state of Nevada. Nevada casino enterprises didn't exactly make their disapproval of expanded online gambling a secret. Nevada stands to lose a great deal of business thanks to competition from other states. This is why Nevada lobbying groups kept the pressure on federal lawmakers.

New Jersey eventually challenged impediments to its rights to expand online gambling within its borders. The Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision in New Jersey's favor. Other states now press forward with their gambling ventures. The current bill passed in Michigan isn't a broad one. Online casino games and poker received legalization. Sports betting did not. Sports betting, however, may eventually become legal in the future.

The passage of the online gambling legalization bill did not necessarily experience the easiest path forward. Earlier versions of the bill never received enough support to pass. Changes were made to move the bill forward. Granted, the bill's passage prior to the Supreme Court decision might not have changed much. Questions about a state's ability to legalize gambling still lingered. The landmark decision by the high court changed all that.

Granted, not every lawmaker proves fond of legalized gambling. In the United Kingdom, online gambling remains legal but a segment of lawmakers seek to curb the activity. The same appears true in Australia. Detractors do exist in the United States as well. Being opposed to online gambling, however, doesn't automatically equate with the ability to actually stop its progress. The events playing out in Michigan prove this notion to be true.

After passage in the House, the bill moves to the Senate. The passage in the Senate appears to be a fait accompli. The House probably wouldn't waste time passing a bill slated to die in the Senate and/or be vetoed by the governor. Things didn't move quickly with the legislation in the past. Had the House not approved the bill, it would be delayed until the next legislative session after the November election. Again, the Supreme Court decision likely contributed to the expediting of the bill.

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