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The games industry in Europe appears to be changing to try to reach out to a bigger audience. Global gaming is big business, and the latest figures show 2.2 billion players across the world generated income in this industry of in excess of $108 billion last year. That number is expected to rise higher this year, which shows the amazing Online Gaming Growth potential.

The online gaming sectors can be divided into a few categories: console, smartphone, tablet, browser PC, and downloadable PC. Not to the surprise of anyone, the biggest growth is going to be in the smartphone category, as more people are owning these devices and using them to play games.

Online Gaming Growth Just Keeps Going

The potential of increased sales could equate to revenues from $38.6 billion to $64.9 billion. While these numbers might be impressive, the increase in Europe is affecting a whole different set of numbers. Although gamers are usually in the 18-24 range, the older players are beginning to dominate the market that was once dominated by the younger gamers.

Looking at the numbers, in 2012, reports show 36 percent of players between 33-44 were spending a considerable amount of time playing games. Four years later, 46 percent of the same age group was playing games. In a more revealing statistic, there was also a huge increase in the number of players in the 45-64 age bracket. These players are not only older, they are spending more time each week playing games.

Why is information from the European market so critical? Easy, according to the European Gambling & Betting Association, this country represents half the global market.

Online gambling saw their gross gaming revenue rise from €16.5 billion two years ago to a projected €24.9 billion in the year 2020. Gambling sites like 32Red offer their online players the choice of playing 172 slot games, with 17 live casino options, a dozen roulette sims, and more than 27 forms of blackjack games. Wizard Slots and SlotsMillion offer a growing number of thematic slots, inspired by different pop culture icons.

The analysis in the UK market also shows some very interesting habits of their gaming community and the amazing Online Gaming Growth. The UK is now the fifth-largest market for gaming behind China, Japan, USA, and Germany. Consumers in the UK spent £4.33 billion on gaming two years ago.

Even more impressive, the gambling industry throughout Great Britain took in £13.8 billion last year, a 1.8 percent increase from the year prior. Looking at the numbers more closely, £4.7 billion was from the remote and online sector, which is an impressive 10 percent increase from the year before.

It is really hard to argue with the numbers, across all of Europe it looks like gaming of all sorts is going to steadily continue to climb through the year 2020. With new innovations around every corner, it is possible these numbers are more healthy than projected. The bottom line is this, as long as there are players looking for games, and they are presented with a convenient way to play, they are going to spend the money.

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