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A big change is coming to Japan's gaming industry, with Poker Japan becoming a close dream. After many years of suffering under a ban, fans of poker will soon be able to take part in their favorite activity quite soon. The Japanese government has passed a new Integrated Resorts Bill with a significant addition. Casinos may be integrated into other entertainment resorts. Originally, the government was planning on allowing games of chance gambling. Worries existed over allowing poker in the resorts. Now, the government seems confident those monitoring the gaming tables won't have problems overseeing poker.

Poker Japan and Its Troubles

The original concerns over legalizing poker centered on the potentially confrontational nature and fairness of the game. Poker games can become heated when stakes are high. In truth, emotions can fly even when not playing for a great deal of money. Likely, government officials didn't want anything upending the harmony on the gaming floor due to an “attitude of confrontation.” Additionally, players compete with one another in poker. Maintaining fairness in such a situation isn't always easy. Officials were concerned about consistency in fairness. With the decision to allow poker, those same officials clearly now feel fairness can be maintained.

Table games such as Roulette are straightforward in nature. Hence, they are easier to manage. Questions about fairness won't be raised since players play against the house. All casino games, however, create the potential for the economy to make money. That probably contributed to the Japanese government's decision to lift the poker ban.

Attracting Tourists

Once the poker ban officially lifts, players will flock to the local resorts to try their hand at the game. Residents of Japan won't be the only enthusiastic visitors to the casinos. Travelers and tourists from abroad won't be shy about visiting the casinos and trying their luck at the game. For Japan, this could create an economic boom in their tourism sector. Other countries neighboring Japan do well with their respective casino industries. After years of seeing millions of dollars flow into these countries' economies, Japan probably now feels the time is right to tap into the market.

Casino gambling and poker won't be appearing in Japan overnight. The first casino won't even likely open until 2020. At present, it is impossible to predict who will land the first license and where the first casino opens. Once the casino does open, Japan immediately becomes a hot destination for casino and poker enthusiasts from all over the globe.

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