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The industry for online casinos has grown at an incredible rate, indicating a shift towards better technology and more convenience. Although the concept of a casino that can be visited online has been around for over two decades, the real influx of player activity happened much more recently. While there are many factors contributing to its popularity, the online casino industry owes a lot of success to the growing choice in games.

1. Online Slots

The first game on the list is online slots, which is an obvious choice. Online casinos typically have hundreds of these games in the collection, with most titles being available to play on mobile devices as well as a computer. Many online slots don’t have the best payout percentage around, but they offer numerous ways that players can bet and a lot of special features. Even the newest of players can start using online slots immediately, because this gaming style is very easy to learn. In addition, a lot of slot games come with big progressive jackpots and offer the player a chance to win a lot of money.

2. Blackjack Online

Almost every online casino that features tables games will have a few blackjack titles in the mix. This game has constantly been increasing in its popularity, especially in the online sector. Over 30 percent of players using tables games are specifically sticking with online blackjack. The reason for the game’s popularity is its high payout percentage. Blackjack has the least amount of house edge out of any game, as well as being somewhat of a game of skill. This popular table game typically provides a wide range of betting options, including side bets. Players can often find online blackjack in the live dealer format.

3. Online Roulette

The classic table game of roulette may not be as popular as blackjack, but it is right on its heels. Roulette online accounts for 24 percent of the table game activity at online casinos. While not so much a game of skill, roulette still has the opportunity for higher payouts. Additionally, it is available in numerous styles such as American, European, and French. Many casinos online allow the player to spectate a roulette table before committing to sitting down and placing a bet. The game also has a lot of ways to bet and sometimes is played with more than one ball at a time.

4. Poker

The game of poker isn’t so much a game anymore, as it has become its own entire genre. Players who visit online casinos will typically see poker in video form or with a live dealer format. Regardless, the game is quite popular among players and brings in 21 percent of the table game traffic. While Texas Hold’Em poker has been all the rage for years, new styles of poker are definitely emerging as favorites. A handful of online poker games are now offering the player a change at progressive jackpots as well.

5. Baccarat

Online Baccarat may not have the name recognition as some of the other online casino games on the list. However, it is a wildly popular card game that draws in players, especially with its Punto Banco variation. The success of Punto Banco is evident at casinos in the gambling destination of Macau. A few years ago, the card game accounted for over 90 percent of the TOTAL REVENUE that casinos in Macau brought in. This style of baccarat is certainly catching on, with players trying out the game in regions across the globe.

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