Stars Group Partnering with India for Online Poker

The Stars Group is considered to be one of the leaders in online poker, giving millions of gamblers the chance to try their luck on a variety of different games. By constantly exploring new markets, Stars Group is trying to make certain it is present in the biggest markets, with India of course being one of them. Thanks to recently announced partnership deal with a certain Indian lottery group, PokerStars is about to enter the new arena.

Canada-based Stars Group has in fact confirmed the collaboration with Sugal & Damani Group, and their plans to explore the market with help from an online India-facing poker website. While the official launch date has not yet been announced, it is certain the website will in fact have the Indian extension of .in within the domain name.

The new domain name will be a property of Sachiko Gaming Private Limited. This is going to be a spin-off company of Sachar Gaming Private Limited. This company is well-known for their rummy games online and will be shutting down their poker domain to make room for the web page for PokerStars. This is how new players will be welcomed to the website in the near future.

Online Poker Plans in India Previously Failed

The Stars Group has been in this position before, and many players can recall countless times the company has claimed to be breaking into the Indian market. Although those promises of the past may have fallen short of expectations, it appears today that these new plans are about to finally make those promises a reality.

The timeline for the exploration of these plans to become reality are not etched in stone, but talk about the development of the Indian domain has been on the table since June of 2017. Back then, Rafi Ashkenazi, CEO of the Toronto company, declared the desire to be operating in India, seeing this as an evolving market and one of the gambling fields the company could be very successful operating in. Currently the Indian poker market is already a $150 million dollar industry, and those number are only expected to explode in coming years.

The timing could not be more perfect for Stars Group, because around the same time, the state of Nagaland passed a new law that makes it possible for online poker companies to operate within their borders. Now that India’s Supreme Court gave the green light for legalizing online wagering games, it opened the door for many online gambling entities.

Once PokerStars is operating in the Indian market, they expect only great things for their bottom-line and players who have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to play poker in this region.

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