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We've all, at some point, tried our hand at online gambling. Whether it be Poker or slots. Have you ever thought about how it differs from the actual real-life game? Well, Online, they use an Artificial Intelligence program. Artificial intelligence is a big part of our lives today. It is being involved in a lot of research and has undergone even more development. Whether its an online game or simply searched the web. Artificial intelligence was first recognized in the online world in 1997 when Garry Kasparov, won a world championship over Deep Blue with online Chess.

AI Gambling – Its Role at Online Casino Venues

In the online gambling world, artificial intelligence is very effective and helps in a variety of different ways. It adds personalization to any program or game. The new Artificial Intelligence has the power to learn habits and create suggestions. That being said, they also seem to be a newer, better “breed” of customer service bots. In one study, 67% of the people asked, said they would become more loyal to a gambling site if they had more personalization features.

As new trends appear in the data, online casinos can see what factors such as what features of a game make it more popular than other ones or how the actual look of different games attracts different gamers. Gathering and observing this data creates benefits for both online casinos and its players. Gambling operators will use the information gathered to send resources, keep the gamers and maximize earnings while different players enjoy a completely personalized gaming experience.

Another bonus of AI Gambling is the security that comes along with it. It provides protection from dishonest players or cheaters. Who likes a cheater, anyway? There are some people that can rig AI (Artificial Intelligent) bots. Others run probability programs to strengthen their odds, but the programs are able to recognize and disable them. They can decent the early signs of an addict too. Called the PS-EDS, or Player Safety Early Detection System, they collect data such as; how long you play, how often you play and how much money you deposit each time.

Today this PS-EDS program is over 87% accurate. Studies by KindRed partnered with the University of London still continue to improve this feature. Artificial Intelligence also gives you more realistic odds for winning. It will calculate the scoring patterns and provides each player with the ability to make better, more accurate choices about placing bets and winning.

This forward-thinking, and technological advancement is taking our world by storm! Everywhere you look there is new technology and use of Artificial Intelligence. We use it every day. Your online gambling hobby is just the tip of the iceberg.

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