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From the early years of the 1990's, online casino sites began to popup across the country. People from all around different regions would come try their chances with luck, and continue to support the casino craze of the twenty-first century. With recent years brining the height of the technological age, online gaming sites have gained huge amounts of popularity. With this increasing popularity, online casinos began to generate to a worldwide platform.

Online gaming sites, as well as online casinos, are not new in the viral community of today's society. With an increasing number of booming online casino sites, there are economic correlations with a massive increase in the value of the online gambling market. This economic boom has caused analysts to predict that the market value will surpass £40 billion by the year 2020. This prediction proves that the online gambling market has greatly surpassed any expectations, and will continue to multiply the already tripled success rates.

What has caused this giant boom in today's online gambling market? The large increases of accessible technology has only caused an influx in online gambling sites. The development of computer software, smart phones, tablets, and video game systems has allowed the online gambling sites to be accessed beyond any previous expectations. With the click of a button, any internet connected device can access the world of online gambling. The innovation of this technology has become a key factor for the online gaming market's success. The accessibility to access secure currency transfers, cash outs, and live chat supports have created a sense of ease for players of all ages. These features in turn have only increased the popularity of enjoying an online gaming experience from anywhere in the world.

The innovations of the online gaming market becoming more accessible has created the unique opportunity for online gaming companies to explore a whole new consumer base. The ability to access casinos or sports gambling from the comfort of a home or beach is the easiest way to increase the popularity of online gambling, and therefore increasing the already high market value. Prior to the technology advancements of recent years, companies could only imagine reaching individuals across the world. Now, it is almost an everyday occurrence for online gambling to include players from several different countries.

However, with bigger markets come more regulations. Currently, regulations remain appealing to the online gaming market. In the predictions past the year 2020, regulations and taxes may play a role in determining the online gaming market worth. Some countries are already enforcing stricter online gambling restrictions, and the implementation of regulations worldwide are bound to affect the direct value of the online gaming market. The next two years however, are nothing but promising. The economic boom of the online gaming market is sure to continue, and will only increase in popularity with future technological innovations. The online gaming market is the product of these technological advantages, and will continue to progress and expand in ways that were previously never imaginable.

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