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Online casinos have become the popular fan based technological entity that has millions opting for big wins and overall good entertainment. Gamblers and gaming enthusiasts can actually bet real money for a chance to win big jackpots. Online casinos are a worldwide phenomenon that have captivated people from every walk of life. The convenience of playing from your favorite spot in your home, or anywhere on a technical device is what captures so much attention. These casinos, like the brick and mortar casinos, are bound by a strict set of rules and regulations that all operators must follow. They must be properly licensed and have authorization to operate games of chance online.

Dutch Online Casinos Crackdown by the Authorities

There has been much controversy involved around some casinos in the Netherlands that were operating without license or authorization from the gambling authority. These casinos were up and running, and the gambling patrons had no indication that everything was illegal. The money that they had in the casino account, and all of their private information was put at risk. Protests came from casino operators, and the legal system about what was going on with the unauthorized casinos in the area. Counties in the area requested legal action as this type of behavior by the operators put too many players at risk.

The online casino operators running without a license showed no remorse for their actions but continued the casino operation as usual. More protests were made, and finally a court battle ensued. There are laws that govern every aspect of human life. If they are not followed by people, those people must pay a consequence. It is the same for any business, large or small. The rules and laws are even more strict for online casinos because they are worldwide and face more scrutiny. The casino owner and operators also do themselves a gross injustice because they must pay fines and cease the operation. They may owe players because their accounts could be seized by the government.

After the court concluded that the Dutch Online Casino were operating illegally, they were hit with fines totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. This amount could have been put to better use had the operators gotten the required online casino licensing and paid the fee which may have been less than the fine. Online gambling is a billion-dollar industry that the player trusts with their money for play. All regulations must be adhered to in order for the casino to be one hundred percent legitimate. Players have no idea when they may be dealing with a fraudulent online site that is not qualified or authorized to accept money for play.

The government in the Netherlands used this case to send a pertinent message to other operators. Running an online casino without proper authorization will not be tolerated. All regulatory laws and rules must be followed. All measures should be taken to ensure players that they are on a safe and secure site. Anything less than this constitutes fraud on behalf of the owners.

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