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In the world of online gambling, the risk and unpredictably of playing games provides a thrill to players across the globe. However, one thing that’s certain is the upward trend of the online gambling industry as a whole. Market predictions show the combined revenue of online casinos and sportsbooks growing an estimated $12 billion by the year 2020. This number is enticing online gambling providers to focus their efforts on drawing in more players. The end result is likely to be an improved online platform that promotes player advocacy through regulation and exciting new innovations.

Mobile Casino Gaming

The concept of online gaming through one’s mobile device has been around for over a decade, but the technology is now a staple of any reputable online casino. Hundreds of operators now provide gaming and support through a phone or tablet. The format is also optimized specifically for mobile devices. Players ultimately reap the benefits from the shift, as the most popular names in the industry recognize the need for more convenience in their products. Though the technology focuses on major operating systems like iOS and Android, the most modern mobile formats can run on virtually every device.

Virtual Reality's Role

Suppliers of virtual reality (VR) headsets have been making a huge push to become mainstream in the past few years. The total combined sales of headsets has already exceeded one million units, with Sony’s PlayStation VR taking the lion’s share. This type of tech is now trickling into the online casino industry, with bigger developers like Microgaming taking early advantage of the format.

A downside of online gambling is the lack of immersion that players get from visiting an actual casino. However, the introduction of VR into the online casino industry may provide a more competitive option. The only issue is the extra cost of purchasing a VR headset, considering most popular units come with a hefty price tag. More gaming content and getting past the hype will eventually drive down pricing, making VR an exciting way to play casino games in the future.

Improving the Bonus Scheme

Some online casinos are notorious for offering tempting welcome bonuses to players, but tacking on frustrating wagering requirements. If the player isn’t able to meet requirements within the specific timeframe, the bonus is lost. The Competition and Markets Authority is now cracking down on how bonuses are offered to players. A number of online casinos serving the UK have already been given a matter of weeks to change the terms applied to their promotions. If newer pressure and regulations hold, players could be seeing much better bonuses when visiting online casinos.

Catching the Crypto Bug

The recent explosion of cryptocurrency is hard to miss. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are all posting record numbers regarding their respective values. What will happen with the crypto market remains to be seen, but online casinos have already latched onto the trend. A number of gambling providers are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in addition to traditional options. Players who currently do not have many point-of-sale options for their crypto wallet will now be able to find web-based alternatives for gaming.

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