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The famous footballer Wayne Rooney is obviously known for his talent on the pitch, but now the 31-year-old native of Liverpool is in the news for something entirely different. It was reported that Rooney, over the course of just one night, spent £500,000 on casino games during a reckless gambling spree. While such a wealthy sports star may not cringe at that number, other individuals around the world are constantly throwing down this kind of money at casinos with not nearly the same kind of financial backing. This serious gambling behavior comes with a high cost for some, and it is a real-world example of why responsible gambling is such an important practice to follow.

Excessive Gambling and Online Casinos

Many of the longest-standing casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere are tenacious in regards to tempting players to come back. The management identifies the players who have visited and spent the most money, and they can sometimes be relentless in trying to get the player back in the door no matter what effect it has on the player’s well-being. This type of negative influence combined with an excessive gambling problem can spell disaster for an individual. The introduction of online casinos has created a new place for players to go while being protected from harassing phone calls and letters. However, this version does come with its set of challenges.

Online casinos offer a convenient way for players to access online slots and other table games without having to travel to a casino to do so. However, with these online casinos, the issue arises of excessive gambling in ways that are brand new to the industry. Even though the online format is somewhat different from that of a real physical venue, the same issues arise when it comes to players developing a habit that can eventually hurt them and others. Popular online casinos have resources available to combat the problem of excessive gambling, but players should know the risks and have access to resources up front before a habit gets out of hand.

Ways to Promote Responsible Gambling

Because there is a degree of anonymity on the internet, this opens the door for potential underage gambling and young players developing a problem early on in life. It is the responsibility of the legal player to monitor their family or close friends for warning signs of this activity. Many young individuals who find themselves sucked into the online casino world can form serious problems because they don’t yet understand the full scope of how excessive gambling can affect one’s mindset. The most trusted UK online casinos have security measures put in place to prevent underage gambling, but all players should remain aware of red flags and have a frank discussion with any at-risk individual.

Sometimes the source of the problem can come down to something as simple as the amount that a player is depositing. Though casinos offer welcome bonuses and other deals for making a deposit, the actual money a player spends at an online casino will go far beyond any promotional amount. Because there is no real exchange of hard currency, the mental impact that spending this money has on the player is drastically reduced, and this may lead to excessive deposits with a credit card or e-wallet due to the player not having a realistic concept of just how money is going towards gambling. Just about every online casino offers a deposit limit option that allows the player to take precautions and set boundaries up front on their account. The limit will reset after a certain period, but it prevents the player from making too many deposits in a short timeframe. It is a simple tool, but it can nip a problem in the bud before it gets out of control.

A slightly more concerning sign of a problem is the general temptation of a convenient online casino in the first place. Players can set deposit limits for themselves, but this does not prevent an individual from opening multiple accounts at online casinos and making deposits in more than one location. The urge to visit the casino can be powerful and lead to ways around a simple deposit limit. One way that the modern online casino assists in preventing this is offering something called a “cool down” period. While it is not a permanent fix, the cool down period locks a player’s account for at least a week and gives the player a chance to take a break. Even though players have no choice to observe the cool down period until the account is unlocked, this gives most players an opportunity to reflect on gambling choices and possibly take self-assessment tests to determine the severity of a problem.

The most concerning issue among players is the gambling problem that has spiraled out of control. A player may spend every last bit of money they have solely on gambling at an online casino, and this issue obviously is one that needs attention. In this case, online casinos have a service available called self-exclusion. Unlike the cool down periods that allow the player a temporary break, self-exclusion involved shutting down a player’s account for anywhere from six to twelve months. The period can even last up to five years in the case of a catastrophic gambling problem. Like the others, this service is only available upon the player’s request but can be the necessary tool in stopping a serious issue.

Finding the Right Online Gambling Help

Playing at an online casino should always be fun, but the risk of excessive gambling leads to some players needing assistance. If the tools directly available through a casino are not enough, every player can find a list of third-party resources in the casino’s responsible gambling section. These nonprofit organizations were founded with the sole purpose of helping players who are high-risk, and most are available for help and consultation around the clock. The resources provided at many online casinos have proven to be the key in helping a player to moderate their gambling habit, leading to a more responsible and enjoyable experience. Any player who feels in danger of developing a problem is encouraged to check out the multitude of resources and find the appropriate solution.

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