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VR is being incorporated into land based and online casinos. The software developers HTC and IGT have become partners to create Virtual Zones all over the world in the casinos. The first of these zones is in Las Vegas in the Orleans Hotel and Casino and is already live. The Virtual Zone includes games of skill and multiplayer games. The Siege VR game enables players to defend their castle as a team and defeat the zombie hordes. Each team pays $30 to play and the winning team receives $300. Archery VR is for individual players and skill is required, This is basically archery played in VR. The player pays $10 and receives $125 if they have the top score.

VR Casino Experience

A software developer kit has been released by IGT. Game developers can now create their own games in a VR environment. Online casinos across the globe are watching these developments including the United Kingdom and Europe. These markets will join the VR trend in a matter of time. The future consists of virtual reality casinos where the players walk around, play VR slots, meet live dealers and enjoy games of luck or skill. IGT already has a reputation for their casino software. They have been creating popular video slots since 1990 such as Kitty Glitter and Cleopatra.

Developers such as NetEnt have announced one of their most popular slots in VR version. Gonzo’s Quest will be available during the summer of 2018. Anyone with a VR headset can enjoy the experience of online slots. This game is simple with superior graphics and a VR experience. Numerous developers are designing VR slots. This is just a fraction of the possibilities VR can provide online casinos. A profound gaming experience is also offered through live casino. Augmented reality is already available in roulette in the live casinos.

Once the player has logged into a United Kingdom casino they see the live dealer. The shape of the board is based on the preference of the player. The software developers are trying to transform the experience of playing at an online casino into an immersive VR environment. They are working on the hurdles and no stance has yet been taken by the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. It is currently unclear which games the EU and UK will license for market.

Despite the popularity of VR, the majority of households in the United Kingdom do not have a VR headset. This means the development of these games will be dependent on how many people express interest. There are still some companies unconvinced VR is the right direction to take. Most casinos are staying with the traditional combination of table games and slots. The future may change drastically if the regulators license the VR games. This means nearly any game has the capability of becoming a casino game whether it is a game of luck or skill. Professional gamblers may even include e-sport players. The future of the creation of VR games is definitely interesting.

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