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If you are tired of losing money at online sports wagering websites while betting on the World Cup, all you really need to do is look to see if you are making any of these mistakes and simply eliminate them from your game. Try it today and watch how your bankroll starts taking a positive turn as you bet on the World Cup.

Stop Listening to World Cup Analysts

Stop trusting the World Cup sports commentators on television or the internet who give you tips on who to bet this week. These analysts are never held accountable when they are wrong, and they still get paid even if they continue to pass along bad tips. Do your own research so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve each day. Don't trust old statistics, do your research on the weather and players on each team before committing any money to the game.

Leaving Your Heart Out of the Game

Whether you are a diehard Brazil or Germany fan, stop betting with your heart instead of your head. If you are selecting teams based on emotions, you might as well just give away your cash each week. If there are teams you love to hate or have an allegiance with, remove them from all betting tickets moving forward. Just because Panama was robbed of a win last year from Brazil, don't bet the game as revenge or you will just be throwing your cash away.

Having a Plan Before Betting

Stop visiting the online sports wagering website to bet on the World Cup without a plan. If you don't know how much to bet and when to pull the plug, you are going to stay too long and eventually give away any profits you made for the day. Decide in advance which game you want to bet, then choose the amount and then go online to place the bet for the day. Win or lose, don't go back later in the day to push your luck, stick to the plan.

Reduce the Amount of World Cup Bets

Stop betting too much on each World Cup game. Most professional gamblers will tell you that they risk only two percent of their bankroll on any bet. This means they never go bust in a session and build their bankrolls over a longer time. Lower the bets and watch your bankroll sustain for longer.

Reduce the Number of World Cup Bets

Stop betting too many World Cup games each day. Pick one team, study them, and bet that one team each day. It will help you understand the good and bad times to bet on them. When you know all the details about player injuries, player substitutions, and how the team typically fares against a certain team, you can spot opportunities faster.

If you focus on eliminating these common online sports wagering mistakes, watch how fast you start seeing your World Cup bankroll soar.

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