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If you already making Online Betting on sports but not making serious money, you are making some of the more common mistakes that are literally draining your bankroll. These are a few of the most common sports wagering mistakes you make and need to eliminate from your game.

Setting Online Betting Goals

If you didn't take the time to make a goal for the day, how are you going to know when to take your winnings off the table before a cold streak wipes you out? Decide before you make a bet what you want to win for the day, then stick to the plan and get the money out of there. The best type of goal is a percentage goal, so decide you'll quit after winning ten percent of your bankroll, and pull the money off the table soon as you hit that goal.

Eliminate Emotions from the Game

Never place bets based on gut feelings. There are too many things that can go wrong for you to simply be selecting teams at random. Worse, stop betting teams you are emotionally connected to, these teams will literally wipe out your winnings in the long run. If you have to bet the team from your state, make friendly bets with your friends, don't risk your sports betting bankroll on these gut feelings.

Investing in Analytics Software

Set aside some time each night or early morning to study and crunch numbers. If you are listening to the chatter of sports analysts, you are going to go broke because not only are they never accountable, they get paid even when they lose. While you are still early in this journey, spend a couple dollars on software that can crunch the numbers for you after you have done a little research. The software does the grunt work, and you simply apply the numbers to the games and spot opportunities to win more frequently.

Lowering Your Bet Amounts

Look at the size of your bankroll compared to how much money you risk on each bet. Never change the bet amounts, they should always be only two percent of your bankroll. Chances are pretty good that you are betting more like twenty-five percent on each wager, and then wondering why you are broke at the end of the week. Drop to a much lower bet amount and stick to the same amount if you want to start seeing results. If you are betting too much, you could wipe out the bankroll after just a few loses. Betting less keeps you in the game longer and gives you the chance to grow that bankroll steadily.

Stay focused and work through this list one at a time and don't let one little setback get you discouraged because things will improve soon. There will be days that you make mistakes, but since you are pulling the plug at a certain limit, you are less likely to dump your entire bankroll.

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