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Anyone who gambles on a regular basis and has become an expert on such things is often considered a high roller or a VIP player but what are some of the best casinos for those who are classified as gambling aficionados? This list will be discussing some of the best casinos from around the world for those who thoroughly enjoy the gambling process and have an insatiable appetite for playing games in casinos.

Aspers Casino

The first casino on this list is known as Aspers Casino located in London. Having just been established about seven years ago, it's a relatively new casino but, in such a short time, it has already gained a reputation as London's Super Casino and has established itself in one of the largest entertainment hubs in the city.

This 65,000 square foot building currently has over 150 slot machines, 70 live gaming tables and what has constantly been described as one of the finest poker rooms in all of London. They have also hosted numerous poker tournaments on a monthly basis and an increasingly large jackpot which gives players the opportunity to walk home with a large payday.

Hippodrome Casino

Next up on the list is another casino in London known as the Hippodrome. This particular building actually has three floors and is actually open 24 hours a day on every single day of the week which gives gamblers much more flexibility. This casino has actually won many awards over the year and features some of the classic games.
This includes poker, baccarat, pai gow, roulette and many more. They also have many games for the tech-savvy gamblers out there with over 100 different electronic machines in the casino. They even have a fine and well-respected poker room which features poker tournaments on a daily basis and they also hold various gambling games where they play for cash.

Additionally, the Hippodrome is home to Heliot, one of the finest steak houses in all of London. The next one on this list is Les Croupier, one of the oldest casinos in all of Wales. For those who love to play online, they have plenty of electronic Mahjong, Roulette and Texas Hold Em machines. They also have an onsite restaurant which serves complimentary drinks to all the players in the casino. Additionally, they have numerous opportunities for gamblers to win big at the casino and a poker room that can host over 200 players at any given time. Additionally, their building features roulette, punto banco, craps and many more.

Manchester 235

Finally, the last one is known as Manchester 235 and features more than 12 roulette tables and 9 blackjack tables as well as baccarat and various types of poker. Once a month, they even host a poker tournament in which players have the opportunity to win over 10,000 pounds. The building even features an award-winning restaurant which is consistently listed as one of the top 100 restaurants in Manchester. They also have 40 slot different electronic machines, 28 of which feature roulette games.

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