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The online gaming industry has consistently increased its strength in the market in recent years. The year 2017 was no exception as a variety of innovations provided online casinos with new and improved content. Many new offerings by casinos were games that were tied to major cinematic releases. This is believed to have attracted many new customers to the world of online casinos.

It is estimated that online gaming presently accounts for more than a third of all revenue generated from gambling in the United Kingdom. Many feel that the present trends can only continue through 2018 and beyond as the continued growth in technology fueling the process can only result in more possibilities being presented to consumers.

In response to customer demands along with technological advances being made a handful of trends can be expected to dominate the gaming industry in the upcoming year.

Virtual Reality For Online Casinos

For the most part, Virtual Reality has been much more prevalent in the world of science fiction than it has in reality. The last few years have seen this technology become more accessible to individuals and it now seems ready to make an impact on the online gaming community.

Virtual Reality allows gamers the experience of being ‘inside' the game. It is not difficult to understand the attraction such technology would have to players desiring to take part in games that provide more action.

Live Gaming Experience

The online platform Twitch provides games the opportunity to live stream footage of games they are playing to viewers on the platform. The popularity of the site has displayed the fact that gamers interested in watching the gameplay of others are a more popular pastime than anyone could have imagined.

In recent years, live dealers have become popular at the tables of online casinos. This trend is expected to grow and presumably online casinos will search for more situations to which they can apply live gaming concepts.

Skill-Based Gaming

Online casino games historically have been bases sole on the concept of chance and pit players against a set of mathematical probabilities and statistics that more often are tilted to favor the house.
There are games that can be played at online casinos that are not completely games of chance, however. Poker is a good example of these games. These games have become very popular with many players who believe that they can devise a strategy to gain huge winnings. These skill-based games are riding a huge wave of popularity that is expected to continue both on and offline.

Enhanced Security

Members of the online community at large are given constant reminders as to how vulnerable personal information can be when placed online. This concern is no different among online gamers.

Websites like Casino Killers alert players to online casinos that have been deemed to be low-quality or have a history of fraud. Sites like Casino Killers have done much to ease concerns of online gamers and restore confidence in the industry.


While the goal of winning money will always be the primary reason that players frequent online casinos, game developers are increasingly becoming more intent on providing game experiences that rival traditional digital games. This is sure to expand the customer base for online casinos past the traditional gamblers that have made up the majority of players in past years.

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